A Workout AND a Recipe



Happy Monday!

I go back and forth with Mondays. Sometimes I absolutely loathe them, but sometimes I don’t mind ’em.

Today I didn’t mind it, because I wasn’t hungover it’s a short week AND a holiday week! The next few days will just involve some baking and preparations for Thanksgiving and also some nice, hardcore workouts. Gotta balance it all out, right? Today was exactly that kind of day. I taught Spin-bata (a cycling/tabata combo class…really, it’s a killer. If you like to start your week off on a sweaty note, check out that class) this morning at 5:45 then I picked up my friend to head to the gym. 

I actually really liked our workout this morning. We killed our shoulders and I just have to share it here! Here’s what we did:

[ today was our heavy day, so for each exercise lift as heavy as you can without compromising your form. the last few reps should be very challenging. rest 15 seconds between each circuit round ]

superset – 3 sets; 10 reps :

– barbell military press

– front raise with plate


superset – 3 sets

– lateral raise with db’s (start with the heaviest db’s you can hold and do 10 reps, then drop down 5 lbs and do 10, repeat 4 times – we did 10 reps of 20lb db’s, 10 reps of 15lbs, 10 reps of 10lbs and 10 reps of lbs. that=1 set. so, 40 reps total decreasing your weight by 5lbs every 10 reps…get it?)

– 1 arm kettlebell upright row to shoulder press (use a kb heavy enough that you can only do 8, my last two reps i could only get 6)


circuit – 3 sets, 8-10 reps

– leaning lateral raise on cable (one arm at a time)

– barbell upright rows

– seated bent over rear delt raises with db 


superset – 2 sets

– arnold press (10-12 reps)

– oblique kettlebell twist on the floor


As long as you go heavy enough, you’ll definitely work up a sweat and get a great pump in those shoulders!! I love working my shoulders. Shoulders and glutes are by far my absolute favorite muscles to train! I really just adore sexy, round, sculpted shoulders on a woman! Also, when your shoulders are toned they really do wonders for the entirety of your arms, they’ll give the illusion of “toned arms” even if your bi’s and tri’s aren’t super chiseled. 


Ok, so since I posted the workout I might as well post a treat. Life is all about balance, anyway, right?

So I made these little “acorns” for Thanksgiving and I am just obsessed with them!! They were a bit tedious, but really super easy and the end result makes them totally worth it. I think anyone would be wowed by these adorable little treats. I’m going to be adding mine to my cookie tray for Thanksgiving but I think they would also be a great addition to your holiday or fall table setting. I got the idea from Pinterest (of course), however, they used chocolate kisses, Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter chips. Now, I live, breathe and die for any and all things peanut butter and just about drop dead every time it’s combined with chocolate. Seriously, peanut butter is like what my dreams are made of. When I was little I used to eat so much of it so quick that I would almost always choke on it and my dad would have to shove his finger down my throat to clear out the globs of Skippy. Actually, it’s quite shocking that that doesn’t still happen. Ugh. Moving along. SO, here’s my point: not everyone shares my affinity for peanut butter (there’s something wrong with them) so I made my acorns with Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses, Mini Nilla Wafers and Butterscotch Morsels. Here’s how I did it:




– Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses

– Mini Nilla Wafers

– dark chocolate melting chips (I used unsweetened baking chips from Trader Joe’s)

– Nestle Butterscotch Morsels


Kitchen Tools Needed:

Microwave, Plates, Cookie Cooling Rack



First, unwrap all of your little Kisses. Watch YouTube videos on your iPad while unwrapping to make the task less boring and tedious. Extra points for watching Trisha Paytas teach you how to do your makeup like a stripper. Next, get your stations ready. Dump 4 bags of mini Nilla’s onto a plate, open your bag of Morsels and place your melting chips onto a microwaveable plate (you’ll see why I used a plate instead of a bowl in a bit). Melt your chips in 25 second intervals until smooth and melty. 

Here’s why the plate is important: Swirl the butt of the kiss over the melted chocolate and stick the Nilla Wafer (flat side of it) to the chocolate covered Kiss butt. Swirling the Kiss butt onto a flat surface is much easier than dipping a knife into a bowl and rubbing some chocolate onto to the Kiss. 

Next, place the cookie-kisses on a plate, Nilla side down and let them set in the fridge. I did this in batches of two so that by the time I was done with my second batch the first had set. Take the set cookie-kisses out of the fridge and get started on the little acorn top. Swirl the butt of a Morsel into the chocolate (same like we did with the Kiss butt) and stick it on to the middle of the Nilla Wafer. 

Now, here I ran into a little problem. When I put the kiss back down on the plate the little Morsel fell off!! So I came up with a solution…



Take advantage of that cooling rack!! The tip of the Kiss should fit perfectly in that little square which allows the tops of the acorns to set up just right! When I was finished I just carefully placed the entire cooling rack full of acorns into the fridge until set, then I dumped ’em all into a tupperware so they’re ready to hit the road on Thursday!

Hope you enjoy these festive little treats and the workout!!