lindsay loves…


Finally, I feel like I can b r e a t h e.

The passed few years have seemed to be quite a whirlwind. In the passed few years I’ve graduated college and graduate school, gotten engaged, married, honeymooned, moved and [attempted to] find myself, my passions and style. On the side I’ve worked various jobs in the fitness industry, won a couple different fitness competitions and discovered some new hobbies (like cooking and decorating). And now, I’m here. Wait..what’s here?

Honestly, I’m kind of not really sure. For what seems like the LONGEST time I’ve always had SOME kind of “big goal”. You know, finishing grad school, planning a wedding, competing, etc. There was just always some big, grand THING on the horizon. My wedding was a little under two months ago (I got married September 28th) and in my head I looked at it as that last BIG THING. I don’t know…I guess I’m a planner? I’m goal driven. I always HAVE TO HAVE a THING. So now that all this hoopla is over (my gosh, did I just say hoopla? I don’t even know if I spelled that right! Probably not. WHO AM I?!) I’m kind of just…coasting. I’ve never coasted before. I’m not totally digging it. I need a project.

Of course I have the little things…making a scrapbook of honeymoon pictures, cooking a pie for Thanksgiving, going to work, etc. But where is the big thing? I’ve come to realize that there doesn’t always HAVE to be a “big goal” in my life, however, (let’s be honest here) I’m too ADD to not have one. I NEED SOMETHING TO DRIVE ME. I need some little push, some kind of MOTIVATION! I am in no way shape or form ready to start a family yet so here I am, starting a blog. Why? Eh, honestly, I like writing. I always have. I tried journaling a few months back but then I’d start reading blogs while doing nothing else but sitting on the couch forget to actually put the pen to paper. Yet I have this little itch, this little craving…like..I want to be doing something. So here it is, my something.

IMG_7649I’m just calling this blog LindsayyLovee. It’s been my internet/email/social media/etc name since high school and why mess with a good thing? Also, I figured it’d be a good reminder of what this blog is about-simply writing about things I love. Who knows, maybe there are a few others out there who love the same crap as me and may enjoy my endless banter? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, it’s nice to have a little piece of this enormous internet world where I can just write, be me and have a little positive outlet. What I’m really hoping for here is to do some self-reflection, rediscover my passions and hobbies and share the things that I love with internet strangers. Sound good? Good.


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