How I Store My Tank Tops

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a serious tank top hoarder. I mean SERIOUS. I just love them. Always have, probably always will. When Dan and I first started dating (6 years ago this month..OMG) literally ALL I WORE were tank tops. JUST layered tank tops. And jeans, leggings or yoga pants. When it got cold out I’d throw a Juicy zip up or something similar over them, you know, for good measure. And ALWAYS with flip flops. ALWAYS. The color of the flips matched the tank, naturally. When I layered I like to match the flip flop color to the color of the bottom layered tank, you know, highlighting that accent piece

God, I must have been remarkably stylish.

I think my favorite was when I had obnoxious candy apple red streaks in my platinum blonde hair and matched my outfit to them. No, really. And I thought it was the coolest thing. I’m talking stretchy black pants from Wet Seal or 2Cute (with rhinestone stars on the hip) a red tank top with a black tank top over it, red flip flops (Old Navy, of course, I was keeping it classy) and to top off the look a faded, ill-fitted (because it went through the DRYER ten times too many) black jean jacket. 

Yup. My phenomenal “ootd” (that I pathetically did wear almost every day) as an 18/19 year old. OH!!! OH oh oh!!! When I was feeling DRESSY I adorned the said outfit with my go to statement piece, my studded belt from Hot Topic!! Because that TOTALLY upped my coolness factor. Totally. 

And Dan stayed with me.

hehehehe…I laugh. 

Anyway, although I don’t wear my tanks as frequently (or as pathetically) I still have an obnoxious abundance of them. I still wear them pretty often (actually, paired with leggings and a scarf, they’re my go-to airport and travel look) and, I won’t lie to you, sometimes I even still wear them with leggings and matching Old Navy flip flops. Some things never change. 

Even though I wear them differently and FAR less frequently I still have the same one major problem with them: How do I store them in a way that when I am trying to decide which one to wear I can clearly see ALL of them and know my options. 

You see, you can’t just fold and stack tanks in a drawer. Are you crazy? You’ll only see the few tanks on the tops of the stacks! If you forget what colors you have (which happens EVERY TIME) you have to thumb through the stacks which inevitably leaves you with a messy drawer of tank top armageddon. That you never clean because just the sight of it gives you anxiety and makes you run away with an overwhelming sense of panic. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY …GOSH what do I do with this mess?! At least that’s what happened to me every weekend in high school…and some of college. In college I had this huge flat sliding drawer where I layed out each tank in colored, ombre order (like you see in clothing stores). Even though I could see them all, taking them out always led to a mess that I never cleaned. So that didn’t work either.

Finally….FINALLY, about a year ago, I found the solution!!!!!




OMG, my life has been forever changed.

Let me tell you, I try SO HARD to be an organized person because deep down inside I’m truly the messiest most disorganized person ALIVE. Even when I organize things it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to keep them that way. This tank top method however, has been constant. I mean, my drawer constantly looks like this, even after I try on 3 or 4. It’s quicker and easier to roll them than fold so if I decide not to wear something I tried on I pretty much always take the milisecond it takes to roll it back up and throw it back in. Every now and then I’ll reorganize them to be in ROYGBIV color order (like I do with my blazers) but…hah..that lasts about a day. The beautiful thing about this method is that it solved one of my biggest problems with tanks, it allows me to see ALL OF THE COLORS at ONCE! I open my drawer and BOOM there are my options. Every one of them. No digging, no moving things around, no mess making! Just open the drawer, and there they are. Like, hello..what color are you feeling today? Pink..ish? Remember me, this lovely peach one that you bought a year ago and never wore? Oh yes, thanks for reminding me. AND this method of storing them also keeps them wrinkle free so now I even keep my looser fitting flowy tanks in there as well. It also makes packing a sinch. Grab and go. It’s perfect.

I LOVE this folding method SO MUCH (if you can’t already tell by this rant). I’m typically ALWAYS late to the party so everyone probably already does this, but in case you were lurking in the dark like I was, here’s exactly how I roll them up:



Easy peasy.

Life changer, I’m telling you.




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