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Hello & Happy Friday!! 

This Friday is a good one because next week is a shortie! Yay for holidays coming and cutting our work weeks just a LITTLE shorter! Even though I work through the weekend (I teach cycling classes on Friday nights and Sunday mornings) I still get excited on Fridays because Saturdays are my ONE day off! In the spirit of being excited I figured I’d list some things I’m currently loving, seeing as every week I have a handful of new, obsessive favorites. Let’s go!

1. This Peppermint Creme coffee from The Fresh Market. Oh Em Gee. Here’s a little background, I’ve been OBSESSED with TFM’s coffee’s (and the store in it’s entirety, who am I kidding, I LOVE IT) since it first opened up in my area about two years ago. I mean, they have BULK BINS full of EVERY SINGLE FLAVOR OF COFFEE you can imagine!! AND the beans are whole so you can grind them right there in the store or at home when you’re ready to use them, i.e…super fresh coffee. Love. This Peppermint Creme flavor though…wow. When I opened the bag I was hit with the most amazing aroma almost spot on to the scent of opening a fresh box of Thin Mints, but with a hint of coffee. Um, yeah. I’ll be back at TFM hoarding bags of this coffee like I did with Kona coffee when I was in Hawaii last month. Did I mention that I’m a fan of coffee? Black when iced, drop of skim when hot, sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon. Please and thank you. How do you take yours? My husband enjoys a cup of cream with a splash of good coffee and a heavy mix of Equal and Sweet and Low (gag).

2. Cycling. I always love it, but I love it extra hard on Fridays since I teach it twice. I teach in the morning and again in the evening and after each class I have best endorphin rush and crazy amounts of energy (and I hardly ride when I teach!). The great music and positive energy from everyone in my classes never fails to amp me up.

3. That tea up there from Panera (next to my obnoxious neon leggings). Holy crap this tea. I’m addicted. I don’t particularly love the food from Panera (with the exception of the Signature Bagels, but honestly the bagel shop down the street from my apartment is really where it’s at) since I’m not a big chain girl, but that tea is to die for. It’s basically like Starbuck’s Tazo Passion tea but BETTER. It’s their Tropical Hibiscus iced tea and I swear it tastes like summer. It’s floral and fruity like the Starbucks but much sweeter due to a fruitier taste. 

4. Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balms. Stop. I have been hoarding these like no one’s business. The packaging is simply too cute and I love the way they soften and make my lips feel. Plus, they deposit the slightest hint of color. Since I work in the fitness industry I hardly wear makeup during the week so I love how these guys keep my lips moisturized but also add a pop of color and some much needed makeup to my face. They also have a clear one with SPF 30 and I go through a tube of that one in, like, two weeks. So good.

5. Chocolate Advent Calendars from Trader Joe’s!!! YESSS!!!!!! One for me & one for Babe! If anything brings me back to my childhood…

6. Christmas decorations and music way before Thanksgiving. People hate on this but I am SO DOWN. Get in the spirit!! It only makes you happy so WHY hate on it?! Fa la la la la!!! 


Speaking of Thanksgiving, what are you making??? I started my baking yesterday!


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