Holiday Peppermint Truffles

So, when I made these the other day I had no intention of posting about them.



But then I showed this photo around and my friends seemed intrigued. You see, I only have one taste tester and that’s my husband. He is an oddball and doesn’t like “mint in things” despite the fact that his FAVORITE drink next to a Pina Colada is a mojito.


I quite adore mint in things and think these truffles are AMAZING but then again, I think anything made with sugar alone is amazing, I have the palette of a teenager and don’t know enough synonyms for the word amazing. 

But these guys are just too easy to pass up sharing, and who may love them too. 


…and if you don’t, they’re cheap and easy to make so you can totally toss the batch and remake them in a different flavor. But who wants to go through that effort?



Holiday Peppermint Truffles

Note: These are simply a spin on the traditional “Oreo Truffle” made with one box of Oreos & one block of cream cheese. These are my own little twist that I just love making over the holidays to add to a cookie platter. They really give a plain cookie tray a nice little pop and unexpected surprise!


– 1 Box Peppermint flavored chocolate sandwich cookies (I used Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe-Joes but any brand of cookie will do!)

– 3 full sized peppermint Candy Canes

– 4-8 ounces cream cheese (again I used Trader Joe’s brand cream cheese, whipped, reduced fat just because it was all I had on hand)

– 1 bag white chocolate chips (I used Trader Joe’s white chocolate baking chips and I highly recommend these if you’re using white chocolate. White chocolate has a tendency to seize up and can be tricky in the microwave but these melt perfectly! If you aren’t near a Trader Joe’s, find a good quality white chocolate bar. Avoid using white chocolate chips like Nestle brand chips because the chips have stabilizers in them to hold their shape while baking and it doesn’t allow them to melt properly in the microwave)

– 1 bag dark chocolate chips 



First, unwrap your candy canes and dump ’em in your food processor. Pulse until they’re semi-fine crumbs. A little chunks are ok here (unlike on my thighs). Take about 2/3 of your candy cane crumbs out of the food processor and pour into a little bowl; set it aside. Dump your cookies (yep, the whole box) into the food processor along with the rest of the candy canes. Pulse, pulse, pulse until it all comes together into a fine crumb.

Next, drop a few large spoonfuls of cream cheese into the food processor. (A lot of people use one block which is  8 ounces. When I use a block I find the full thing to be too much and makes it too wet so I usually use about 6 ounces. I was using a 12oz tub and 3 large spoonfuls was the perfect amount.) Pulse and pulse until they combine to look like a dough. You don’t want it to be too sticky but if it is simply freeze it for an hour or so until it’s manageable. 

Now, using a tablespoon, grab up even scoops of dough and roll it around in your hands to shape it into a cute little ball. Next, place all the balls onto a plate. I work in batches of 2; use two plates, fill up one, freeze it and move to the next. When both plates are done and in the freezer start melting your white chocolate in the microwave. I do intervals of 20 seconds, taking out after each 20 to stir, until completely melted and smooth.

Take your first plate out of the freezer. Using two forks swirl the frozen balls around in the melted chocolate until they have a nice, even coating. Place on a piece of parchment paper or Silpat mat and sprinkle with some candy cane crumbs.

Once the first plate is done, melt your dark chocolate in the same way and remove your second plate. Repeat the same process as above until you’ve finished your second batch.


You now have a full counter full of gorgeous little Peppermint Truffles!! You can enjoy them immediately, place them in the fridge to continue to set or freeze until you serve them at Christmas!




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