Embracing the Seasons

 Every year I seem to greet the winter months more and more reluctantly. I truly believe I’m a pacific girl at heart and was somehow born on the wrong side of the country. Since I was little I always just felt like I belonged whenever I traveled to a beach community. For whatever reason I never really felt like I fit here in NY (still don’t, to be honest). I’m laid back, way too sensitive to cold and crave sunlight. Even in these harsh winter months I still yearn to be outdoors, which is why I continue to run outside despite the discomfort. I need sunlight.

I absolutely believe that SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or temporary depression during the winter months when the days are cold, dark and short and we’re primarily cooped up inside) is a legit thing and am positive that I am a member of the population of those affected. I typically feel down on myself and things in general this time of year while also feeling irritable, tired and sluggish. Dan doesn’t believe this; he prefers to think that I’m simply a brat. That may be true, however, this time of year I always find myself so deeply yearning for this:



So, what’s a girl to do? Stuck in NY at the onset of winter when deep down inside she knows she belongs miles and miles away? Embrace it. 

I’ve spent the passed 25 years complaining my way through these months but I don’t want to do that this year. It’s not an easy thing to do. For starters, I take a Vitamin D supplement starting around this time of year (I don’t take it during the summer-I get a lot of sun and eat a fairly balanced diet which provides me with a lot of the vitamin. A few years ago at my annual check up in July my doctor told me my Vitamin D levels were too high and to back off the supplements in the summertime). I don’t know if it really helps or not but I like to think of it as my little placebo “happy pill”. Sunshine and happiness in pill form. The other thing I do is run outside at least once a week in the early morning when the sun bright and vibrant. It may be freezing but I just zone out and focus on that little reflection of sunlight hitting my cheeks, it reminds me that in a few short months I’ll be laying on the sand, buried in a cheeky little novel, adjusting my bikini strings and wiping the sweat off my sunglasses. 

Every year I try and try and try to embrace winter fashion, but I’m just not feeling it. Truth be told, I actually don’t even own a winter coat. Ridiculous, I know.

If I could I would live my life in nothing but cut offs and tank tops, with nothin’ but a bikini underneath. Barefoot, easy and breezy. 



All day, errday. 

When I die, please bury me in daisy dukes.

Anyway, this year I’m trying. I haven’t committed to a winter coat just yet, BUT-and this is a big but!-I bought a hat. A winter hat. Complete with a pom pom on top. The pom pom makes me smile and I got it in red because that’s my favorite color (other than pink, however, the artist in me knows that pink is really just a shade of red so if I had to pick one favorite, I’d have to say red as I believe it still encompasses my beloved pink. All hail red.). So, for now, this is kind of my winter look:


Well, at least for work. God forbid I wear a hooded sweatshirt. I have a big (red) scarf/shall thing that I throw on when I teach early morning classes to cover my shoulders. As for going out (read: not in gym clothes or leggings) I rock a “winter” scarf. It’s “winter” because it’s thick and plaid (red plaid). Don’t question my logic here, it’s legit. Basically in the winter I wear a lot of red. Not only do I love it but it just feels festive and winter-y to me. It also breaks me out of my all black look, which is typically my winter go to (seeing as I’m really just mourning the summer for a few months). 

This past weekend, however, I found these ADORABLE vent sticks for my car; they’re snowflakes. Theyr’re also Christmas cookie scented.



Um, how could I resist that?! 

I figured they’d bring me a little cheer when I get into my car at 5am, aka the WORST TIME EVER to be in a car this time of year. It’s blurred but I’m listening to Bob Marley. Sirius satellite radio channel Joint plays nothing but reggae and it is the most amazing station ever. Especially right now. Driving around listening to reggae just reminds me of when Dan and I were in Kauai. There was only one radio station on the island and it just pumped out reggae and we loved driving around, jammin out and taking in some of the most beautiful scenery we’d ever seen in our lives.

So, I’m not exactly out there making snow angels or drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace (I tried hot cocoa this weekend, but it was really just a vessel to drink some Bailey’s. I’d rather eat my chocolate than drink it anyway, so I dumped the cocoa, poured myself a glass of Bailey’s and ate some Macadamia nut Hershey Kisses that I hoarded while in Hawaii) but I think I’m embracing these cold, dark, dreadful months a lot better than I have in the past. Life is short; I realize that more and more every day and I’m trying to enjoy every moment. Life is too short to be anything less than happy even when I’m uncomfortably cold. At the very least, I do have an amazing and warm (literally and figuratively) husband to come home to at the end of the day and that’s enough to keep me smiling through this season. 🙂






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