Holiday Decorations

I have always loved all the fun, festive decorations that come out around the holidays! I love the lights on houses and garland strung along the stairways. My mom always went all out when it came to decorating the house. Multi-colored lights wrapped around the bushes, hung along the windows and dangled from the balcony. On the inside there were wreaths, Christmas decorated candy boxes, tablescapes, and what seemed like billions of ornaments hanging from the tree covered behind such a thick layer of tinsel you could barely even differentiate them. Decorating is so nostalgic to me and I always got so excited when I saw the red and green bags full of faux pine needles and sparkly glitter come flying from the attic. 

Ever since I was little I couldn’t wait to decorate a place of my own. Now, every year Dan and I make a whole weekend of putting up our holiday decorations. I look forward to it now just as much as I always have, if not more. My husband never decorated his place before I came along, and I was just not having that. We started small; a tiny little two foot tree by the window. We went to Target and bought this little tree and all these cute little ornament balls and bows to decorate it with. We even picked up some stockings! We had our own little holiday party; we made a gingerbread house (poorly), I wore my antlers and we drank eggnog and decked out this little baby tree. Surprisingly, he enjoyed it just as much as I did and we decided that for the following year we’d go all out and get a big tree. 

A few years ago we finally committed to our big tree, as our little guy had run out of room for all the ornaments we had accumulated! When we first got the baby tree we had a red and gold theme and when we got the big guy we decided to keep up the tradition. Plus, our apartment has a lot of reds in it, it’s my favorite color and it simply worked. However, I love my options and live for variety so I’m pretty sick of the red and gold theme and ready for a change. I have no idea what we’re going to go with next year but I do know that this year is the final year of the red. Therefore, I wanted to do this little post going through our decorations and my favorite pieces. 



So this is our tree! It’s a fake that we purchased from Target several years ago, I believe it’s 7 or 7 1/2 feet tall. As you can see, there is a lot of red and gold, however, we’ve accumulated so many different ornaments throughout the years that they’re starting to break up the monochromatic look we once had. Whenever we travel there are two things we must always pick up: a magnet and an ornament. I love reminiscing of all our trips and fun times when I decorate and take down our tree. 

The Mackenzie-Childs boxes under there were gifts I received last year (the photo is from last year because I’ve only taken shots with my cell phone and this one was taken with my Nikon which shows everything much better!) but I thought the boxes were so cute that I left them. They’re actually super sturdy and I use them for storage; they hold all my extra lotions and perfumes and they look cute stacked up in my closet!



In this shot you can see the little plant tree-thing by our TV. We got that at Home Goods a few years ago. We originally put the white twinkle lights on it for Christmas but really fell in love with the look and how cozy they made the apartment feel so now we keep them up all year round! To make it a little more festive now I hang candy canes from the branches.



I’m obsessed with this ornament!! It’s a lobster box with Christmas lights on it! How cute is it?! Majority of our ornaments are from Newport, RI (we travel there every year for our anniversary). Now, they’re extra special since we got married in that town!



This cupcake is another favorite ornament, it’s also from Newport. The little white tree is from Target and it’s my “winter owl tree”. It has gold and silver star ornaments and white and grey owls. It sits on my window sill and when you walk into our apartment you can see it from outside. This shot was taken this year while we were putting up our decorations.



This is our garland, it’s hung around the french doors we have leading into our living room. The hanging feather/plant things are from Michael’s, I believe. We put them up for the fall but they still look kind of festive so they’ve stayed. I really need to find something new to put there for both the winter and summer. It’s kind of ridiculous, a lot of things sort of merge together from season to season…I should get on that.



This is our window sill (to the left is my white owl tree!). I was so proud of myself for buying a Poinsettia! It really brings a warm, Christmassy feel! I typically only buy orchids when shopping for flowers because I just adore them, but I’m trying to break away from that. Oh, and I’m completely OBSESSED with those stupid little window gels. OMG like I buy all of them and decorate that damn window for every holiday and season. 



It’s hard to get a good picture of both our stockings but they’re hanging from the doorknobs right in our living room. That pillow is my Holden Caulfield the Pig pillow and I am IN LOVE with it. I collect pig things (LOVE pigs) and that is my favorite. He’s just SO CUTE!!



And, that’s the top of our TV. Up there I have my Christmas scented candles, some little wintery-Christmassy knickknacks and those adorable mini gingerbread houses! I have two, they were Dan and my favors from Christmas dinner at my parent’s house a few years ago. I think my mom found those at Michael’s, they’re completely edible but way too cute to eat! I think they make a much better decoration than snack, anyway 😉


I will snap some more pictures of our decorations with my good camera and get them up. Also, I have no picture of Dan or me with our tree! I’m hoping to get some this year since it’s the first time we’re actually opening presents together on Christmas morning by our own tree! 🙂




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