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Omigosh. Candles. Let’s talk candles.



I may be one of the biggest candle hoarders out there.

For real. I buy ’em like they’re going out of style. I light them all at once. Combined with incense, I hoard that too. My apartment smells like a brothel. It’s fine…they’re so pretty! Oh, and I love scented things…ALL the scented things. ALL OF THE CANDLES.

These two guys up in this picture, though. Wow. They totally deserve a post of their own because they are IN.CRED.IBLE. First off, their scents are ridiculously strong. If you’re sensitive to scents or not a fan of a really strong, overpowering (but magnificent smelling) odor, these guys are definitely not for you. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I typically light all my candles at once but I can only light ONE of these guys at a time. Not only are they strong enough to perfume my whole apartment but their unique scents are so fantastic that they’re more than enough to stand alone.

First off, this little gingerbread man candle. This one is by Primal Elements and I purchased it from a local spa. I was surprised to find that it was sold for the same price that’s listed online! It’s a fairly standard price for a quality candle and I actually find it to be a bargain because the packaging and the jar itself are just so cute! When candles come in pretty or unique jars I like to save the jars after the candle burns out, clean them and use them as decorations (usually to hold random pieces of jewelry, small hair accessories or makeup brushes). I have always cleaned them by putting them through the dish washer but I recently read that you can stick them in the freezer overnight and when you take them out the wax pops right out! Great little tip, I’ll be sure to try it once this gingerbread candle runs out! The scent on this one is glorious. It’s very warm and spicy, but not in a foody way. When it’s lit, you wouldn’t automatically realize it’s “gingerbread”. When I first smelled it burning in the spa I just thought it smelled warm, inviting and “Christmassy” (if that conveys the same scent to you that I’m thinking of!) and I just had to ask “OMIGOSH WHAT IS THAT?!”. Once the girl told me it was gingerbread I was like, oh, of course-that’s the scent! I gave that candle to Dan as a Christmas gift (what..don’t you give your husband things you really want and pretend he loves it, too?) and I bought a couple other candles from the same brand for a few friends. All of the winter scents were equally fabulous and the crystal embellished jars are just so gorgeous! They had a cupcake or ice cream cone one at the spa and I will definitely be back to purchase that one for the summer months! It was beyond cute.

Now, for this next candle. Holy scent!! This scent is INSANELY strong, I mean, it has to be the strongest scented candle I’ve ever encountered. It is so strong that the following morning after I had it lit, I swear my skin still smelled like it. The candle is from Good Candle Brooklyn and it’s the Fig scent. Oh my GOODNESS. Once again, this is a food scented candle that does not smell foody at all. It’s interesting, this one almost smells like a men’s cologne (the refreshing, somewhat fruity undertoned ones). It smells like the outdoors, fresh, but still slightly warm; it’s definitely noticeable and very inviting. You don’t need to keep it lit for too long, the smell certainly lingers (that’s a GOOD thing!). Dan put this candle in my Christmas stocking; he purchased it at the Union Square Christmas fair in Manhattan. If I’m ever in Brooklyn it will be imperative to make a stop at this shop and hoard some more candles. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more via their website in the meantime. OH! And  can we talk packaging for a minute? This candle is in a big, giant mason jar. Yes. To die. Absurdly cute. It just looks and feels so homemade. I love it!

What are your favorite candles? These two brands are new to me but otherwise I’m a total sucker for Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works candles. I love branching out and finding new candle companies so please, please share! 🙂 



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