The Perfect Manicure to Ring in the New Year

Manicures are my ultimate guilty pleasure. It’s one of the little highlights to my week; I always look forward to getting my nails done for the weekend! My nail polish collection is borderline…ridiculous. 

So, this passed week I decided I wanted to go for a gel manicure because I wanted something for Christmas and Christmas Eve that would still last me through this weekend and into New Year’s Eve (I only do gel once or twice-most-a month, to keep my nails as healthy as possible, and I reserve the gels for special occasions when I can’t bear to have a chip). I wanted it to be fun, festive and appropriate for both Christmas and New Years. Yes, I always put this much thought into my manicures. It’s a sickness. A fun, colorful and very pretty sickness.

Two years ago Dan and I spent Christmas in Miami and I got my first gel manicure for the trip. I went with pure white because it was fun for the beach and felt festive because it reminded me of snow. Now, two years later, I’ve decided to revisit that manicure but with a festive, sparkly twist.



The white is Alpine Snow by OPI (gel version) and the gold is the only super sparkly gold by the Shellac gel line. The two glitters are both OPI Gel but I completely forgot the names. I think one (the glitter on my thumb in the bottom photo) is called “Go for the Gold” or something similar – it definitely had the word “gold” in the name. It was a clear gel with small and medium silver circle glitter pieces and giant gold circles. I LOVE it as a top coat. However, I think I like the other glitter coat a bit more-if it came in gold it would be absolute perfection (I really love me some gold)-it is supposed to look like feathers. My friends, I had feathers sewn onto my wedding dress, to say I love feathers may be an understatement. Now, combine feathers and nail polish? Did someone say heaven? This glitter is also by the OPI Gel line; it’s silver with long skinny glitter pieces and teeny tiny glitter specs and looks like it was “feathered” on to your nail. It’s a great texture! I love playing around with colors, accent nails and glitters-especially all at once! This is the one time of year where completely obnoxious glitter is acceptable absolutely everywhere-eyes, nails, clothes, shoes, etc and I cannot get enough!!

If you need a good manicure idea to ring in the New Year with, I hope you give this look a try!! It’s too cute and totally appropriate for this time! 



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