OOTN – Warm Saturday in December

Ok, I know that temperatures between the 50s-mid 60s is a bit bizarre for December in New York, but I’m not complaining. Not at all. 

This weekend I took total advantage of this warm streak to wear a cute fall-ish outfit that wouldn’t be overshadowed by some big, frumpy winter coat (not that I own a winter coat or anything…so…yeah). Dan and I had such a nice little date night. We went to a cute little (and I mean little-this place is TINY but in a good way, it totally adds to the charm!) spot in our neighborhood, Taiim Cellar. They have literally the lightest, fluffiest falafels I’ve ever had in my life. SO good! Also, I consider myself a total hummus snob (those chickpeas better be FRESH and PEELED) and theirs are delish. Every flavor is amazing but I’m partial to the Cilantro, Dan adores the truffle oil. In another post I’ll do a full review on the place.

Onto the outfit…



As you can see, when I really like a certain piece I pretty much wear it obsessively with different little tweaks each time to create a new outfit. These are the same Hardtail leggings from my Christmas post. I always wear them whenever I wear booties because they’re the only pair I have that go all the way down to my foot. I typically only wear booties with these, daisy dukes, certain dresses and occasionally a good skinny jean. The vest is the same American Eagle vest I had one earlier in the week and it’s now on clearance!! If you need a good faux fur vest I highly, highly recommend this one!! It’s amazing, super lightweight and comfy and cute as can be. I just LOVE it and Dan really likes it, too ;). He was definitely into this outfit!




There is a close up and better shots of the booties. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for these. Most likely because I purchased these from Marshall’s for super cheap. The sizing is also way off. I’m between a 7 1/2-8 in shoes and never need bigger than an 8 1/2 (which is almost always a bit loose) and I had to buy these in a 9 1/2. That’s a considerable increase. There was probably a problem with the manufacturing of these which would explain why they were on sale at Marshall’s and can’t be found anywhere online. Still cute though and I was quite desperate for a good black bootie that I really liked. 



Underneath the vest I had another standard tank top (another BP spaghetti strap tank-I wear them all the time!! Perfect for under button downs or zip ups and great for lounging around the house! I literally have at least one or two in every color) and a black button down. The button down is some random brand that I pulled off the Junior’s rack at Marshall’s a couple years ago. I love it because it’s somewhat cropped in the front and longer in the back. It’s three quarter sleeved with a button by the elbow to roll it up and keep it in place. I wear it with leggings and jeans in the winter and in the summer I wear it with Daisy Dukes or tucked into high waisted shorts. During the summer I don’t wear a tank underneath. I love how sheer it is! I’m completely obsessed with sheer button downs; I have a closet full of them. 

I liked this outfit a lot. It was comfy and cute but still relaxed. Dan really liked it; he loves the vest! The other nice thing is that this top showed a nice amount of cleavage but with everything else being completely covered it was balanced out. It showed my shape without being overtly sexy, just my style! I love the boho feel of the vest with the easy going understated dressiness of the booties. Definitely a go-to look this time of year 🙂




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