Taiim Cellar Scarsdale Review


Taiim Cellar is small Middle Eastern wine bar-restaurant in the village of Scarsdale. Dan and I went here for the first time over the summer and we loved how intimate and cozy the place was! Plus, the food was pretty damn good. When we went over the summer it was definitely more of a wine bar with nothing but appetizers and small plates on the menu. They’ve since changed their menu a bit and when we went this time it included entrees. The entrees all looked great; we got the falafel entree and it definitely did not disappoint. However, the first time we went they had several options of appetizer platters that came with varieties of cheeses, hummus, crudites, olives, etc. This time those platters were no where to be found and we were quite disappointed. Their hummus is truly amazing; I for one, love flavored hummus and they have a unique selection. We wanted to get the sampling of hummus but unfortunately the hummus appetizer only came with one. Also, I think their hummus selection shrunk a bit as I remembered there being more the last time we went. On our previous trip the cilantro hummus was my favorite but Dan isn’t as big a cilantro freak as I am so we ordered his choice and went with the truffle hummus. I’m super picky with truffle things because a little goes a long way and often times I find that many dishes come out way too heavy on the truffle and it’s super overpowering. That wasn’t the case here; the hummus was perfectly balanced with just a slight undertone of truffle. We both enjoyed it. The other thing worth noting is that usually hummus or similar spreads never have the right amount of dippers. There is either way too many chips/crudite or not enough and you’re left with a big ol pile of dip. Not the case here, it was a pretty perfect ratio. 

After we split the hummus we got the lamb patty appetizers. These were definitely the hit of the meal for me! We both agreed that on our next trip we’re going to get the lamb entree because this appetizer was so good. 



The patties themselves were perfectly spiced, not one flavor was too overwhelming and you could still taste the meat. They were topped with Armenian cheese and a date. I am a huge fan of sweet and salty pairings, especially in a savory dish and this was just perfection. It looks small but they were so satisfying that the portion size was actually perfect.

After the lamb came our entree, the falafel platter. 



Oh my gosh. These were literally the fluffiest falafels I’ve ever had in my life. SO FLUFFY. I’m telling you, it was like eating a cloud!!! They were not greasy at all and tasted super light. The salad was the perfect accompaniment to the little fried balls of fluffy divinity. The yogurt sauce paired with them was excellent, seriously, Dan and I were ready to lick the plate clean. Luckily, they brought out some pita with the entree so we could pretty much lick the plate…in a more civilized manner. 

Not only is the food great here but we both love the decor! The spot is super tiny so it feels nice and intimate. I’m guessing it isn’t too popular yet because there were only two other parties there when we went, which was around 8pm on a Saturday night. Usually I don’t like being in a super empty restaurant as that tends to feel a bit awkward, but this place is so small and very dimly lit that as soon as we sat down I didn’t even realize there was no one else there. If it was crowded it honestly would probably feel somewhat overwhelming given the size. 



Isn’t it so pretty?! Honestly, I would love to decorate my house just like that. Gorgeous. What I really loved were the light fixtures on the ceiling.



I wanted to scale the walls like spiderman, grab ’em and take them home! After a few glasses of wine I’m surprised I didn’t…

They have a nice wine and cocktail list as well. Next time I have a girl’s night I will for sure be suggesting this place, it’s a great (and pretty!) little spot for drinks and appetizers or a nice, light dinner. 

There was one downside, though. The following day Dan and I noticed that our clothes really smelled. I’ve worked part time in various restaurants since I was an early teen so I am all to familiar with that food smell. Ugh. It’s like that stale fried food odor, that nasty odor that seeps into your clothes and hair and is basically impossible to get out. I will say, though, it wasn’t as bad as the lingering odor from the Japanese steak houses (those hibachi places where they cook the food at your table). I cannot even go to those places because the stench ruins my clothes. I was quite surprised that this place left a smell on my clothes because that usually happens only when the kitchen is exposed or they cook in front of you. This place does not have an open kitchen. I guess because it’s so small everything just wafts into the dining room? I don’t know if it’s a ventilation issue or what but hopefully they figure something out with that, maybe even just invest in some good candles or room spray. It wasn’t so bad that it would deter me from going back there, however, I’m definitely going to be conscious of what I wear when I go. 

All in all though, it was a great spot for our Saturday date night and it’s location is ridiculously convenient, can’t beat that! 



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