Friday Favorites

For whatever reason, I’ve been lovin’ on a lot of things this week, so, let’s recap!



1. First off, this gum. THIS GUM. I love Sour Patch kids (really, anything gummy) but if I have them in front of me I will literally only eat the red ones. Sometimes, if I’m extra hungry, I’ll have one or two orange guys. Every now and then I’ll try a green, hoping it’s magically morphed into green apple but then I’m always left in a pool of disappointment realizing that…ew, it’s still lime. There is only ONE place I like lime and that’s in my Margaritas. They do make this gum in Lime flavor, although I really don’t understand why. This Red Berry flavor is SPOT ON to the red Sour Patch Kids and it’s Stride gum so the flavor actually lasts. Oh, and the smell of this gum? Stop it…it’s like opening up a bag of Swedish Fish; I LOVE IT.

2. Going clockwise on this little photo collage you will see two oddly speckled logs that kind of look like sausage or something gnarly, because I’m not exactly a great photographer. However, surprisingly enough, they are GIANT LOGS OF COOKIE DOUGH. Not just any cookie dough, literally the BEST cookie dough I have EVER tasted!!! That’s saying a lot, considering I tasted around a bajillion different cookie doughs over the course of December. This cookie dough is from the Goddess of the food blog world, the woman who can literally do no wrong-the Pioneer Woman. As soon as I read that post I knew these cookies had to be made. They have EVERYTHING in them: peanut butter, nutella, coffee, M&Ms, nuts, salt, the list goes ON! However, none of these ingredients stand out on their own, everything sort of melds together and when you taste it you’re just like “OMG this is the most AMAZING THING EVER, how is it SO good?!”. How? All the stuff, that’s how. It’s salty, it’s sweet, it’s rich, it has a depth of flavor that’s just beyond words, I swear, it’s so much more than just a cookie. She’s clearly a magician. I wish I lived inside her brain. 

3. #UtopiaFM on BPM (the dance station on Sirius XM). Every morning they’re playing these old school dance songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s and it makes me so happy that I literally dance like a fool in my car. It takes me back to middle school and high school when I used to listen to KTU on my giant boom box in my bedroom and burn mix CD’s of songs I illegally downloaded off Kazaa & Limewire. 

4. Dunkin donuts is a standard favorite, however, it’s this flavor combination that made it photo-worthy. Usually I go for the French Vanilla+Blueberry mix but today I went with Cinnamon+Hazelnut and it’s definitely my new favorite, until next week when I have another new favorite. I can’t commit.



5. My sister and I discussing The Laws of the Selfie. No one wants to scroll through a full mosaic of duck face. If you’d like to catch my carefully selected selfies along with photos of, well, mostly my nails and coffee because I’m a super entertaining girl like that you can follow me on Instagram

6. THIS list of how to pronounce all the super fancy designer names! I actually think this is really amazing. Can we be candid for a second? I totally sat and studied this list; I want to sound as professional as Guilianna Rancic, ok? Thanks to this list I will never say “Layn-VIN” again. 

7. Theme nights! I saw this Baked Potato + Beer Night on Cupcakes and Cashmere and thought it was the cutest thing ever!! Until I saw that she also did a Donuts + Whiskey themed night! Yea, I don’t think I ever want to have Wine + Cheese again.

8. Finally, that damn Squash Agrodolce from Carbone. Seriously, I think I have a problem. I cannot stop thinking about this squash. I NEED to recreate it and have it back in my life, like, on a daily basis. Because, that’s completely reasonable. Mark my words, I will recreate this dish and when I do, I will share it right here.



Have an awesome, fun filled weekend!! Enjoy the Super Bowl, don’t forget to eat LOTS of Game Day Food & GO BRONCOS!