OOTN – New Years Eve

Happy New Year!!! 🙂

While New Year’s Eve isn’t necessarily my favorite holiday I do enjoy the over the top fashion and acceptability of glitter and sparkle in abundance. I just love any excuse to get away with outrageous, dramatic outfits and makeup! 

While I was making a huge mess searching through my clothes for something to wear yesterday I found this sequined tube top. It was buried in the bottom of one of my drawer’s and I didn’t even know I had it (because it actually belongs to my sister…oops). I immediately knew I wanted to work this into an outfit because it was appropriately over the top and I was in love with the colors. It has an ombre look that fades from gold to blue that just reminded me of mermaids and the colors of Kauai. I adore anything that conjures up memories of my time in Hawaii (take me baaaaackkk!). Also, I recently watched The Little Mermaid (my all time FAVORITE Disney movie-and first movie I ever saw-since I was a babes) and, crazy at it sounds, it’s really inspired my style. Hence the starfish and seashell necklaces paired with this ocean blue top. 😉



My jeans are my go-to dark skinnies from Hollister, they’ve got a slight stretch in them and I love the length. I’m not super tall (5’7) but for whatever reason I find that a lot of jeans aren’t long enough for my liking. I always buy the long inseams when available, I like my pants long, what can I say. The top is by Free People and it was pretty short so I thought a belt was necessary to tie the whole look together. That belt is so old I don’t even remember where it’s from. It’s brown leather but the buckle is the best, it’s got blue and turquoise stones arranged in a circular pattern. It’s so beachy glam; I usually only wear it in the summer but it was the perfect thing to tie this top in with everything else!

My jacket was a Christmas gift from my husband. It’s faux leather with a faux fur color and he purchased it from Swell, one of my favorite online shops. Plus, it’s on sale now!! It’s nice and warm and super comfy, too.

At first I had this outfit paired with my cobalt blue shoes from Steve Madden but they’re suede and it was snowing, plus the top of my feet were exposed and it was freezing, so at the last minute I changed into my black booties that I’ve clearly been addicted to lately. I think both looked great but I liked how the black booties helped tie the jacket in. 




Hope you all had a fabulous NYE and a nice, relaxing start to your 2014!



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