Crispy Oven Baked Truffled-Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries

The crispiest, crunchiest fries to ever come out of your oven!! Oh, and they’re not even orange 😉




Yesterday hubs & I decided to make some Ahi Poke for dinner while we took down our Christmas decorations. There is only one place in our area to get really good sashimi quality tuna and that’s H Mart. H Mart is an amazing Asian grocery super store. It’s huge and not only do they have a fantastic variety both Asian and American foods they also have an incredible, fresh seafood area. While getting our tuna and other Poke ingredients I found some cool sweet potatoes in the produce section. White sweet potatoes are my favorite (they literally taste like buttah and get soooo creamy when baked!) but I always have a hard time finding them. Of course when I saw these white and purple ones I had to snag ’em. I decided some baked fries would be perfect to munch on before dinner while stripping down the tree. 

Now, anyone can chop up a little tater and pop in it in the oven but what makes these extra special is that they’re super crispy on the outside and divinely soft and airy on the inside. The perfect fry (frie? What’s the singular of fries, anyway?). 

Here’s the secret….egg whites. Yes. So, egg whites, sweet potato, a little olive oil; fries are now a health food. These guys are the perfect snack, delicious and you can feel good about yourself when you eat them!

Now, I’ve seen recipes on Pinterest that say to toss your sweet potatoes in corn starch before baking for crispy fries. I’ve tried this method, followed the recipe to the T and I don’t know what went wrong but they were anything but crispy. In fact, they were soggy and coated in powder, the corn starch just stayed all….powdery. Oh my gosh, it was awful. 

I’ve done the egg white method before and it’s never let me down. The other trick is to put a cookie cooling rack over the baking sheet so they cook all over and attain a full 360 degrees of crispiness. Here’s the deal:


Baked Truffle-Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries


– 2 Large Sweet Potatoes (any variety; I prefer white and purple!)

-1/2 cup Egg Whites (the kind in the carton are fine)

-1 TBSP Parmesan

-1 TBSP Truffle Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste (I only used pepper, but we try not to cook with salt)


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Peel your potatoes and cut into matchsticks. Place all your matchsticks in a large bowl and pour egg whites over; toss them around in the egg whites until they absorb them. If there is any egg white leftover, pour it out. Drizzle the tbsp of oil over the fries and toss again. Place a cookie cooling rack on top of a sheet pan; spray with non-stick cooking spray. Arrange the matchsticks on the rack, make sure none of them overlap. Sprinkle the fries with parmesan, salt and pepper trying to sprinkle evenly. 

Bake the fries for 20-30 minutes (or more, depending on your oven and how thick/thin you cut your fries). Check for doneness every 10 minutes. Each time you check, turn the sheet pan.

Once they’re done, let them cool for 10-15 minutes on the rack (this helps them crisp up). Once they’ve cooled serve ’em up! I served them with ketchup because I was too lazy to make a sauce but I think a garlic aioli would also be fantastic with these! Enjoy 🙂


Those fries were the highlight of our afternoon because the rest of it looked like this:






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