Best of 2013 Playlist

Mondays and I have never really been the best of friends. However, one thing has consistently made them a bit more pleasant for me and that one thing is music.

In high school, when I first started driving, I used to make a new mixed CD every weekend just to blast on my drive to school on Monday morning. I may have been tired, cranky, annoyed to start the week and anxious about all the homework I neglected to do but at least I would have a killer playlist to jam out to.

Well, not much has changed (except for homework anxiety and I thank my stars that that is forever gone!). These days I’m up before 5am on Mondays to teach a 5:45am cycling class. I take some time over the weekend to develop an awesome, upbeat playlist that will lift my spirits and transcend me and my class way up above the Monday blues. 

Last week we had some snow day cancellations so instead of making a new playlist this weekend I recycled the one that was made but never used last week. It’s a compilation of songs from the best artists of 2013 according to the Billboard Top 100. I tried to include a variety of genres and of course I used the remixes of some slower songs because I like to keep most of the BPMs rather high for class. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this playlist. It brought back a lot of memories from throughout the year, especially from the summer which never fails to put a smile on my face. The songs are upbeat, fun and happy. The playlist is just over 45 minutes and really is perfect to listen to on a dreary Monday drive or to get you pumped up for that brutal first workout of the week. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 





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