Mall Haul!

I’ve been so excited to do this post because there is not much more that I love than a good sale, and I mean a really good sale! Forget Black Friday, the week after New Years is really where it’s at! 

Just a quick disclaimer, this post is in no way me trying to brag about crap I buy or how much I buy. Although I have pretty much taken pictures of shopping bags and their content and am now writing about it…but..yea. So it kind of is, kind of isn’t. Almost all the items here were purchased with gift cards I received from Christmas and store credits from previous returns. Almost all the items here were also purchased for ridiculously cheap, which is the whole point to this. Whenever I find a good sale I just want to jump up and down, scream and share my findings with the world so everyone else can go buy cheap cute stuff too. I also very much enjoy watching or reading about other people’s hauls and kinda just want to join in on the fun! Why not, right?

Ok, enough rambling and on to the stuff:



So, is 25 too old to be shopping at Abercrombie and Hollister? I sincerely hope not because I still love those stores and their clothes fit me like a glove. Working at Abercrombie was one of my first jobs in high school and I’m sorry I’m not sorry that I’m still continuing my love affair with them. I don’t really shop at these stores all that often but I do find that pretty much any time I’m at the mall they always have really, really, really good sales. I’m not one to pass up a good sale. Of course there are the obligatory Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works bags and not just because I adore those stores and everything within their walls but because they are both holding their Semi-Annual Sales. AKA, two reasons why I love January and June. Sephora…um..need I even explain? GAP….let me explain. I saw a scarf on someone’s Instagram that I stalk, I needed to have it, I ran in, found the scarf, ran out. End of story. 

Now, let’s take a look! First up, Sephora:



Most of these things are my daily makeup bag staples with a few newbies. Starting from the left we have the Sephora Collection concealer. This little stick is my jam! I’ve tried many concealers and they’re always too light, too yellow, too thick or too cakey. Not this concealer, in shade 03, it’s perfection. It covers any zits, bags or shininess, blends into my skin flawlessly and never looks thick or cakey even when paired with foundation. It also lasts. I mean, fall asleep with this stuff on (not like that’s ever happened to me or anything..) and it’s 100% still there when you wake up. Ok, maybe like 85-90%, but still. I literally pick up a stick every single time I walk into Sephora. 

Next is another Sephora Collection staple of mine, the retractable brow pencil, again in 03 (Chestnut Brown). I love the color, richness and texture the only downside is how quickly I go through it. For such a long pencil there really isn’t much product in there. They used to have an actual brow pencil that was my LIFE but they discontinued that and came out with this mechanical one. And I cried for days. Same color, same pigmentation, way less product per stick. The pencil lasted way longer. I go through one of these new guys every several weeks. I’m also a brow fanatic. Once again, this is another item I buy just about every time I enter Sephora. 

Next up, we have the Naked 2 Palette. Although I am a fan of this palette, I don’t think I’m going to buy it again when I run out. I do like some of the colors but most of them are too shimmery for me. I don’t love shimmer because they reflect too much light and leave me looking washed out, especially in photos. I like sticking to matte shadows, especially with neutrals. I’m sure it’ll last forever anyway like all of my palettes do. 

Laying over that palette is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Soft Brown. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while after hearing so many good reviews on YouTube. I’ve used it once and I’m not in love just yet. Then again I always feel this way when I first start using a new brow tool. They usually have to grow on me. What I really do LOVE is the Anastasia Brow Gel in Clear, which is the silver tube at the bottom. OHmiGOSH. It’s like a setting glue for your brows! I am obsessed; a little swipe and your penciled brows come to LIFE and it sets them for the night. It’s fantastic, I foresee myself buying tubes and tubes and tubes.

Next is the Too Faced Lip Injection. I have been using this since high school! Words cannot express my love for this product. It’s hands down the best lip plumper out there. It makes them look beautifully full and pouty without making them red and irritated. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I always have a bunch of them stocked up in my makeup bag. 

Next up is this Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume. This is quite divergent from my normal perfumes which are all warm, musky and vanilla-y or beachy and coconutty. This is very light and sweet but it somehow still reminds me of the beach. When I smelled it something about it just reminded me of the fresh floral smell in the air in Hawaii. The Lychee also transported me back to Hawaii. My only complaint about this perfume is that it’s very short lasting. Luckily I purchased it as a day to day perfume, something to keep in my bag and refresh with throughout the day. It’s definitely a perfume for people who don’t like perfume. (side note: I am NOT one of those people! All the perfumes in my rotation are strong. Like, I-can-still-smell-them-in-the-shower strong.)

Moving along, let’s dive into the Abercrombie bag, AKA, summer sweater heaven:



Yes. Because I need more tank tops. In January. In New York. Cropped tank tops, too.

But, hey, they’re still sweaters. That was my logic. I can wear them with leggings, boots and a leather jacket now and then with cut off shorts in the summer! Year round pieces! The white one to the left was just for the gym. All together this cost just over 20$. As in, yes, five bucks a piece. I FOUND A SAAAALE!!!! PS, don’t shop online just go to the store, the markdowns are always better in store!

Similarly enough, here are the contents of the Hollister bag:



More tank tops and shorty shorts for this brutally cold weather. You know. And a t shirt, for the same reason, or with jeans/cut offs/leggings/under a blazer…what isn’t a plain white t good with?! A white cropped button down, perfect for winter. It may look even better with cut offs, a woven belt, brown ankle boots and a big, floppy hat. Once again, the grey tank is for the gym and the shorts are for lounging around the house with my husband (he loves my booty shorts ;). Then there is a little white hoodie. It’s super thin and the sleeves are three quarters but a hoodie is a hoodie is a hoodie, right?! WINTER CLOTHES! I totally wore it to dinner Sunday night when the roads were covered in ice and it was 15 degrees. Paired with leggings, a long dangly necklace and my red scarf/throw. We had dinner with Dan’s parents and they thought I was nuts. Maybe just a tad. 😉

Ok, and here is the one thing I’ve ever purchased from the GAP. Oh! This is also probably the last thing I’ll ever purchase from the GAP. Walking in there reminded me of why I never shop in the GAP. The scarf is cute though! Scarves are hard to mess up. 



I can’t wait to wear this baby with a cute white t and denim cut offs! Are we sensing a theme here? It’s warm enough to wear for now though and it matches a lot of my gym clothes. 

I didn’t photograph the inside of the Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret bags. The B&BW bag was full of lotions in my favorite scents and a couple of candles all from the Semi-Annual Sale. Everything was under $15. I stock up on lotions, body sprays and candles every January and June. I store them all in boxes in my “CVS Closet” (more about that in another post!) and before I went shopping I realized those boxes were still quite full so I didn’t go too crazy in there. At Victoria’s Secret I only purchased bras, so, sorry, no pictures of those 😉 use your imagination! I usually buy makeup and body products, or even some clothes from Pink but they didn’t have much going on in the stores this time. Maybe it was still too early in the sale. The bras, however, were great prices, if you’re needing some new ones I highly suggest taking advantage of the Semi-Annual! 


Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this haul and I hope you get out to your mall and take advantage of all the awesome sales going on now!! Let me know what good deals you’ve stumbled upon lately, I love any excuse to go shopping! 



6 thoughts on “Mall Haul!

  1. If 25 is too old to shop at Abercrombie, I’m in trouble at 36 🙂 I bought a Christmas party outfit there. Cute sweater with a Boston Terrier wearing reindeer antlers $24 and a cute blue skirt $12.49.

    I swear we could have been besties in a previous life except for the age difference. I like the same types of scents and also have a CVS closet of backups like razors, face wash, hair products, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

    Good to know about lip injection. I always want to try one of these types but I always fear it is a waste of $. My husband says I have no lips like Tommy from Rugrats. Can’t wait to try it. Just turned Sephora VIB and need a reason to use my 10%off or free shipping 🙂

    • OMG I LOVE that you have a CVS closet!!!!! It’s the best thing ever, us girls always need back up! lol. Um, excuse me miss but age ain’t nothin but a number we can still be besties (for real, whenever you’re in NY you must hit me up, I feel like we need a date!).

      BTW Tommy from Rugrats, I am laughing so hard right now, I feel like our husbands would get along too!

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