Friday Favorites

This is way overdue! Happy Friday, let’s talk about fun things…




1. Oh. Em. GEE. This protein powder!!!! I used to be a slave to Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion protein powder, however I sacrificed my own well being for good taste-that protein left DAGGERS shooting through my stomach. The pain and bloating…ugh. Recently I’ve turned my back on protein powders in exchange for Quest bars, which I ADORE, however, sometimes I really just want a good ol’ shake. THIS Vanilla Latte protein has restored my faith in protein powders. It’s ridiculously delicious. I mean so, so delicious; I cannot stress it enough!! I haven’t tried the other flavors and I kind of don’t even want to because I can’t imagine any of them holding a candle to this flavor. I’ve had it baked into protein bars (drooling at the thought of them..), mixed into iced coffee for an on the go, healthy latte and on its own blended with ice, skim milk and fruit for a super satisfying and yummy shake. It’s a bit on the pricey side which is why I purchase mine at GNC (PS–if you’re a trainer or group fitness instructor you get a 30-40% discount at GNC!! Just ask! Oh, and if you’re a client of mine reading this, you get 30% off too!). 

2. My favorite boots, year round. I LOVE my Hunters! I wear them in the summer with shorts on rainy days, in the fall and spring with any and everything when it rains and all winter long (paired with my black wellies for warmth). I went with basic grey so they’d go with anything and I love the color but I do want another pair in white…I just die for winter white! LOVE.

3. Dunkin Donuts is my favorite of the day every day this month for selling their wonderful iced coffee in any size for $.99!! Thank you, Dunkin for helping me stretch out this little gift card I have! Also, thank you for appreciating those of us who still dig our iced coffees even in the negative degree weather!

4. This Tropical Hibiscus Tea from Panera Bread. If you have yet to have this elixir of the gods I have no idea what you’re waiting for. Get your booty over to Panera RIGHTNOW and get addicted. 

5. This sweater mug from Target, which of course I can’t find online anywhere. I’d say just check out your local Target because at mine there were TONS in a variety of colors. Of course I got the white one because…well, winter white. Duh.

6. THIS song, that I’ve been listening to NON STOP. No joke, I cannot get enough. Dan and I are both so into this band right now. Ever since I heard their single Chocolate I was like woah…in love. I introduced Dan to that song and next thing I know this man has got the whole album on his phone! I just heard this song for the first time this past weekend in his car as we were driving home from dinner. We both basically drowned out into the music and I turned to him begging to know who is this!? He was like, “oh, it’s 1975”. Like, duh. I had to laugh; there are countless things I love about my husband but his taste in music is a big one. It’s similar to mine but better and even broader. Anyway, go download this song and listen to it all day every day, like me.

7. Having a workout buddy. Recently I started working out with a friend of mine who is also a trainer and fitness competitor. When two bikini girls get together…oh man, the workouts are INTENSE. I’ve never been so sore. I’m loving it, I love being pushed to my limit in the gym. 

8. Nippies. What can I say, I love me a sheer top with some Nippies, or even paired with a good white tank. Don’t judge. Time and place, I’m not that bad. They’re also a really cute preventative measure for tops that may risk a wardrobe malfunction. 


[ I’m going to try to make these a real weekly thing because I love sharing my obsessions, I’d also love to know what you’re obsessing over at the moment so please share! Have a lovely weekend! ]



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