My Favorite Winter Accessory

There are two trends from the 80’s that I’ve always loved and will never stop loving: leg warmers and off the shoulder tops. Gah! I don’t even know which I like more. 

Not that I was around wearing these things in the 80’s, I mean, I was only born at the very end of the decade.

BUT! I did used to steal my mom’s leg warmers from the closet and secretly wish I could wear them ALL the time instead of just around the house while playing dress up. True story.

So, just imagine how elated I was when back in high school, during my first few months working at Abercrombie & Fitch they told us that our “uniform” was to be their jean skirts with their new leg warmers. 


A monster was born then and there. I totally paired my cute preppy leg warmers with the skirt as directed and an off the shoulder crop top layered over a tank top. The look was completed with flip flops. I wore this during the winter.

Oh, to be sixteen again. 

Anyway, now I just wear them with leggings, jeans and boots, over spandex at the gym to keep my ankles warm and my personal favorite way: with booty shorts around my home.


Don’t be surprised if I do wear them in warmer months with shorts one day. However, for the passed few years they’ve really only made an appearance during the winter months.

The ones in this photo are from Abercrombie from way back in the day. I have three pairs from Abercrombie: these, a light pink lacey pair and a thick cream colored sweater pair. I love them all. Then I have four or five others in greys and other neutral tones that I wear to the gym/work/with boots. 

Every year, without fail, TONS of people ask me where I get them. Everyone seems to love them just as much as I do! I mean, I think they’re one of the cutest things ever but they’re also extremely functional. It’s freezing out and these babies keep you warm.

I wanted to share this little link up of leg warmers that either I have or have seen and reallyreallyreally want. Enjoy!

1. Seriously, you cannot beat Amazon. Insane variety, insanely cheap prices.

2. These, from American Apparel are nice and long and come in soooo many colors! Perfect for the gym.

3. Perfection right here.

4. How perfect would these be with leggings and leather boots?!



Ok, time to go shopping. Hope you all have a wonderful, warm & cozy night! STAY WARM!


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