Let’s Go Shopping

Jewelry and accessories are literally my favorite part of any outfit.Image

Take for example this outfit from August, which I wore when we went to the town hall to get our official marriage license. It was a plain nude tank paired with my standard cut offs. However, a blue turquoise cocktail ring, turquoise and leather feather necklace, some feathered earrings and an assortment of gold bangles and my spiky bone bracelet simply and easily elevated an otherwise bland, everyday look.

I love that I can simply throw on a t-shirt and cut offs and instantly bring that look to life by adding a few key pieces of jewelry. Of course fine jewelry is amazing (my favorite pieces are my wedding bands, hands down!) but I can’t break my endless passion for costume jewelry. It’s just so fun and I love the ability good costume pieces have to literally change the entire feel and character of any outfit. Plus, I like to wear a lot of pieces and stacking layers of costume pieces is far more cost effective than layering pieces of fine jewelry (not that there’s anything wrong with that!! I wish I had the funds to layer diamond bangles up and down my arms…alas).

Up until recently I never invested in my costume pieces, which I’ve come to realize is a big mistake. I wear my costume jewelry all the time, possibly even more than my fine pieces. Also, I’m always okay with wearing it out; if I lose it or break it, it’s not a devastating thing to replace. However, there is definitely a fine line when it comes to quality costume pieces. I often would run to stores like Forever 21 or H&M and grab a cheap necklace/ring/bracelet for under five bucks under the assumption I was just going to wear it “just this one night!” with this particular outfit and then never wear it again, so why waste the money on a one time piece? Of course, those are always the pieces I fall in love with and want to wear again only to find them broke and completely unwearable the next time I reach for them. Story. of. my. life.

So, recently I’ve decided to actually invest in good (read: quality) costume pieces. Pieces that I won’t have to crazy glue together in a crunch (not that I’ve ever done that before….) and pieces I can rely on for years to come. In fact, my most often worn costume pieces are hand me downs from family members, friends’ grandmothers (seriously!), and antique shops! I treat those pieces the same as my finer ones; I store them properly, clean them and wear them carefully and lovingly. There are so many incredible resources to get beautiful, affordable, costume pieces that will last and compliment any outfit. These are the places I’ve been buying jewelry from recently as well as pieces that are currently on my wish list. Hope you enjoy! Also, if you have any go to shops for costume jewelry PLEASE share below!!!

1. I find Etsy to be an absolutely incredible resource for beautiful, handmade pieces. All of my midi-rings are from Etsy as well as most of my headpieces. I truly love anything personalized or monogramed and pieces as such are insanely easy to find on Etsy, with many pieces being easily customizable. Plus, the prices simply can’t be beat.

2. Dogeared Jewelry is a recent discovery and I’m so glad I found it! The necklaces are so feminine and dainty and gorgeous to wear out, layered with other necklaces or even paired with a bikini! I have the small palm tree charm on a green thread and I adore it! I find their necklaces almost everywhere! Many boutiques carry them as well as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

3. Tidepool Love. Oh my GOSH. I found this brand after I came home from Hawaii. When I was there I found so many adorable little beachy boutiques with stylish clothing and fantastic costume pieces. I was searching for Hawaiian boutiques that I could shop at online and stumbled across these guys. I cannot express enough how badly I need that gold coral ring. And the Oahu ring. And this necklace. Ok, and pretty much everything from this site.

4. THIS ring! I fall to my knees at anything turquoise. Couldn’t love it more.

5. I always browse the jewelry collections on Swell. Not only do they have fantastic statement pieces but they pair them with different outfits and give great ideas on different ways to wear them! Love that!

6. Long Lost Jewelry has AMAZING necklaces; lots of turquoise and lots of feathers…swoon.

7. The Yum Yum Tree is a little boutique in my area and Dan has purchased quite a few pieces from there for me, all of which I absolutely love. They always have a great selection of delicate, feminine pieces that add such a subtle yet beautiful touch to anything they pair with.

8. Madewell not only has awesome, totally unique pieces, but they seem to have sales pretty much all.the.time and I’ve found phenomenal deals there on adorable one of a kind pieces! Always worth checking out.

9. Last, but certainly not least is Planet Blue. Sigh…I just want everything from their jewelry collection. Yes, every single thing.

And of course, aside from all these wonderful shops, I find antique stores, flea markets and street fairs to be amazing places to find gorgeous, one of a kind pieces! I even bought my wedding “shoes” from a street fair in the city!! (I didn’t wear shoes, I went barefoot with a crystal anklet that also trailed down to my toes looping over my second toe; it was handmade and so uniquely beautiful!)



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