Friday Favorites

It’s about that time again! I’m about to run off and teach my last cycle class of the day (80’s theme ride today…um, LOVE) but before that I wanted to pop in with a few obsessions from the past week, enjoy!



1. First and foremost, and absolutely nothing to do with the above photo is froyo. I have a legitimate bipolar love affair with serve-yourself-froyo. I can go from absolutely abhor to unbearable I.NEED.IT.RIGHT.THIS.SECOND insatiable craving when it comes to the stuff. I’m like with a lot of things though, thankfully not my husband, although he may argue that sentiment. Anyway, this Monday I was in a major funk. I’m pretty sure it was a mixture of PMS and legitimate depression, actually I’m pretty sure everything I was feeling fell under the umbrella of the latter. Regardless, I NEEDED froyo, WITH a rainbow cookie on top…as in, if my froyo did not have a rainbow cookie sitting pretty right on top I was basically going to die. I craved it ALL DAY. So, naturally, I did the normal thing to do which was completely ignore my craving and eat literally everything in my apartment thinking it would suffice until 5pm rolled around and I finally gave in (yes, after eating ALL THE THINGS) and walked down the block to get froyo. THANKFULLY they supply pretty little rainbow cookies in the toppings bar and you better believe my chunky butt piled on the two biggest ones. They sat atop a full 9 ounces of froyo, mochi, rainbow sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, berry Cap’n Crunch, brownie bits, peanut butter chips and cookie dough bits. I don’t play around. My craving was satisfied, however, not going to lie, this heifer was pretty perturbed that there were no cheesecake bits. Ugh. Life. 

1 1/2. Now you know what a ravenous glutton I am.

2. Manicures!!!! Well, they always have been and always will be a favorite but they always feel extra special on a Friday. I love kicking off the weekend with a fresh manicure in a color that makes me smile. This week I couldn’t decide so I went with that cotton candy blue, which of course needed a pop of pink because pink+baby blue SCREAM cotton candy to me. Then, I got one random nail painted with that sparkly slate color because I loved it and simply couldn’t wait until next week to try it. Only one nail though, I’ve had enough of the dark, dark nail. Yes, I know it’s still winter but it’s cold and I needed something warm and bright and happy, like a cotton candy manicure. With one grey nail, to acknowledge reality.

3. That whipped JIF peanut butter. Stop it. I’ve had the regular kind before and Dan and I both loved it. I just picked up the chocolate and I’ll be honest: I have to ask Dan to hide it from me. I can’t be trusted around it. 

4. Ear cuffs. These are SO cute!!! I picked them up for super cheap at Charlotte Russe. I got one silver one with studs and one gold feather with rhinestones. So cute, so fun, too bad I never wear my hair up and no one will probably ever see them.

5. Larabars. A few years ago I was a slave to Larabars then I completely forgot about them. Recently, I was at the grocery store and saw the new ALT Larabars, which is their version of a protein bar. I picked some up and they are AMAZING. They reminded me that I need Larabars back in my life and now I have a cabinet full of them. They are so perfect to snack on when I’m teaching back to back cycling classes because they provide me with energy QUICK, don’t hurt my stomach and don’t make me feel weighed down. I also love them as pre-run fuel!

6. Apothic wines. Really just Apothic Red. I adore this wine and I wanted so bad to love their white and rose but I found those two to just be way too overwhelmingly sweet for me. The red is definitely on the sweeter side but sometimes I dig a sweet red. It’s also not overwhelmingly so like the others. I like my red wine cold and this one is just fantastic cold. I know, I’m so classy. You probably shouldn’t take wine advice from me, but if you’re not really a wine connoisseur and just like to drink stuff that tastes good, well then you can take my word. 😉 

7. Date Night…with friends! Tomorrow night I’m meeting my friend who lives in the city for dinner and I’m so excited to see her! She’s one of my good friends from high school and every time we go out it’s always a good and crazy time. We’re going to dinner at Carbone NYC, which she’s been raving about. I saw the reviews online (and the tags on Instagram) and OHMIGOSH I am SO excited. I have to teach FOUR cycling classes back to back to back tomorrow morning so I was absolutely elated that she chose a place with massive portions. Good friends, good food, good wine, not much beats that! 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!




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