OOTN & an Outrageous Dinner

This passed Saturday night I met up with one of my good friends from high school who I haven’t seen since my wedding! Since it had been way too long since we’d gotten together we decided to go all out and hit up one of the hottest spots in town and have a decadent, outrageous dinner with no expenses spared. We definitely outdid ourselves (not to mention our wallets as well..). The following morning we were very apologetic to both our wallets and our internal organs, at least we had a good time, right?

My friend lives in Manhattan and she’s definitely a go-to source for trendy places, so when she asked me where I wanted to go for dinner I told her to do the picking. She decided on Carbone, a fairly new Italian spot on Thompson St. It was a fabulous choice, but I’ll get to that in a bit! First, let’s talk fashion.

I looked like a legitimate bag lady while commuting into the city carrying three large and in charge obnoxious bags full of clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair things and stuff. Plus, it was freezing cold, snowy and rainy-not ideal weather to travel in while carrying five thousand things. Luckily my hubby drove me to the train station (which I typically walk to as it’s only a few blocks from our apartment) which spared my hair and suede jacket (thanks, babe!!). While heading down I dressed comfy and wore leggings with a loose fitted camel colored top from RVCA.  I paired that with some tall boots and my suede jacket that I also wore out for the night (I only wore those last two items because they were the bulkiest I was not about to stuff ’em in my bag!). I wore my dangliest/easily knottable jewelry to spare it from being destroyed in the throws of my bags. I swear I’m a pro at traveling with an abundance of accessories! 

All and all the trip down wasn’t too bad. When I got to Grand Central I lucked out and caught a cab immediately (NEVER happens for me!) which spared me from the rain and snow! In a matter of minutes I was at my friend’s apartment where she greeted me with a very welcome glass of red wine! Just what I needed after that commute! I had done my makeup and blown out my hair at home so at her place all I did was throw in my extensions and curl my hair. I knew I wanted to wear the black peplum top I ended up wearing but was unsure of what pants to pair it with. Initially I planned on pairing it with my light wash faded skinnies and black booties but my friend told me that the light wash jeans looked a tad too casual for the place we were going to and that I should stick with an all-dark look. I didn’t want to dress entirely in black so I opted for my oxblood skinnies and as soon as I tried them on she agreed that they were perfect. I wanted to pair the look with my black booties but these jeans didn’t come quite low enough and there was a sliver of ankle showing that I was just not feeling. Luckily, my over the knee boots still complemented the rest of the outfit. 



The peplum top is from Charlotte Russe. I paired it with a cropped black, three-quarter sleeve blazer from Forever 21 and my oxblood skinnies from American Eagle. The boots are from Sam Edelman, which I purchased at Nordstrom. I wore lots of gold, nude and cream colored bracelets and bangles to tie the colors together along with my nude clutch from YSL. The top had a nice sheer detailing that highlighted my cleavage so I skipped a necklace to keep the top the star of the show. I added some statement earrings to finish up the look, they were huge gold chain hoops with three peacock feathers dangling off each one. Can I just mention how much I love peplum tops?! They highlight the smallest part of my waist and loosely flow over the little pouchy area. Also, even though I have a booty, I still have somewhat narrow hips so I love the illusion of super curvaceousness that peplums lend my figure! 



This is the coat I wore that day and night. I purchased it from Macy’s a couple years back but my friend had a similar one from Michael Kors, mine is similar to this. I am obsessed with this coat because it is insanely warm and ridiculously easy! I mean, you can throw it over anything and look instantly put together! Every single time I wear it, I get complimented on it. In fact, that Sunday I wore it when my friend and I went out for breakfast and shopping and literally just had it on over leggings with my day old hair and makeup and had someone stopped me to compliment my “outfit”. I swear, it’s fantastic like that! Maybe it’s the faux fur? Or the draping.

Now, moving on to the meal. Oh my GOSH. I have no words except that if you live in the area, go to Carbone NOW. Like, go online, call, do whatever you have to do, just make a reservation and go there now! I feel confident telling you this because my friend and I ordered just about half the menu so it’s not like I’m being biased after only having one meal. 


Yes, two little girls with gigantic appetites split the following: two bread baskets, a cheese and prosciutto plate, pickled cauliflower, one appetizer, a pasta dish, meatballs, two entrees, one side, dessert, biscotti, a bottle of red wine, four cocktails each, a glass of limoncello each, plus the half bottle of wine we polished off before dinner and one more cocktail after dinner. Does it surprise anyone that we completely crashed and passed out around 10:30pm even though we had these grand plans of staying out all night? The drunken food coma took over. As I mentioned, sincerest apologies to my wallet, stomach and liver. Oops. 

Everything we ordered was incredibly rich, delicious and all out decadent. The bread, cheese, meat and cauliflower arrived as soon as we sat down; the garlic bread and focaccia in that basket were melt in your mouth incredible. We started with the octopus appetizer which we both agreed was perfection. It was so crispy and charred on the outside and meaty and flavorful on the inside. My first cocktail before the wine was a Manhattan, which was my first time having one and honestly I only ordered it because I was already a bit tipsy and the sound of “cinnamon and cherry” appealed to me, but let’s just say, I’ll probably never order a Manhattan ever again. I drank it nonetheless, because I’m a lush. Next, we shared the Spicy Rigatoni and meatballs. The rigatoni was so delicious, if I could have licked the plate I would have. The sauce was velvety rich and it showed me the true meaning of “al dente”, it was the perfect bite! Completed with those meatballs, it was heavenly! They were insanely tender, flavorful without being too salty with a hint of cheesiness. Oh my gosh I want to live inside the Carbone meatball. Can we make that happen? Next, we had our entrees. We got the Chicken Scarpariello and Bass Oreganata. The Chicken Scarpariello was not like the typical entree you get from your local Italian spot or Pizzeria. It was more like fantastic roasted chicken in some kind of velvety, rich red sauce with crispy roasted potatoes and thick links of sausage cut on the bias. It was certainly decadent. The bass was perfectly flakey and I loved the cannelloni bean mixture it was sitting on; yummy and herbaceous! What really stole the show for me during that course, however, was the side – the Squash Agrodolce. I would not have even thought to order it but after reading many reviews I saw that people were raving about it. I completely understand why. After the meatballs it was my second favorite. It was perfectly sweet, caramelized acorn squash that melted in my mouth, topped with some kind of sweet goat cheese and pepitas. I’m not entirely sure what was on it (despite the fact that our server assembled it table side and told me everything he was putting on it–thank you, four cocktails and wine) but it was orgasmic. If you go, GET THE SQUASH. Finally, we had the carrot cake for dessert which came with a scoop of ginger ice cream. The carrot cake was good, though not amazing; I liked the ginger ice cream more so than the cake, it had a nice spicy bite to it. Perhaps the cake wasn’t my favorite because I was SO INSANELY full and drunk by that point that my taste buds simply could no longer register a thing. I just remember the carrot cake being a bit on the dry side for my taste. I also finished the meal with an espresso martini. I’m very picky with espresso martinis and this one did not do it for me. I like them dark, not creamy. This was very creamy, it tasted more like melted coffee ice cream mixed with vodka which is simply not my preference. If you like rich, creamy espresso martinis, you’d love it, but if you like clear, strong espresso martinis (my preference), order something else! All and all, Carbone was an excellent experience. It was a filling, incredible meal that left me satisfied basically until next weekend, honestly I think I’m still full from it and it’s Wednesday.

Hope your weekend was just as indulgent and gluttonous, if it wasn’t, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll make up for it during the Super Bowl this weekend 😉




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