Friday Favorites

TGIF! For real though I am just thankful that this week is FINALLY over!! 



1. This cat is my spirit animal this week. That’s basically a portrait of what I’ve looked like this week. My husband and I are going to Miami at the end of April and I started my “Miami diet” last week. I was GREAT last week, ate healthy, worked out consistently, then my toe had to go and pop out of my foot. TOTALLY threw me off. Days off the gym and work, my schedule was turned upside down and I completely lost control. I worked out once this week and spent more time sitting on my couch than I probably ever have in my life. This weekend I want to clean myself out, eat well and do some great workouts. Then starting Monday I’m getting it together and getting back into my healthy routine. Ideally I’d like to lose 10-12 lbs by the end of April. That’s about six weeks from now so safely dropping 1-2lbs per week should be doable. It’s really a matter of sticking to the program! SO I’m writing it out here, publicly for all to see! I’m hoping it’ll help me keep myself accountable and I plan on checking in each week and assessing my progress. Let’s do this. 

2. Ok, sort of in line with #1 are these portable hookahs. These are Diamond Shisha Hookahs and they are fantastic! How do they relate to #1? Well, I have a bit of an oral fixation which is a big reason why I constantly snack and pick on food all day long. If I’m not eating I’m biting my nails or cuticles and chewing on my hair. Yeah, I know, it’s really weird. It’s nice to have these guys to smoke on at night when I’m thinking about raiding through the fridge. Whenever I cognitively try not to mindlessly munch I become hyper aware of it, get a bit anxious and that leads to me feeling deprived and eventually binging. No bueno. So, I’m trying to kick this behavior and having something to inhale and chew on helps me take my mind off it. Sipping on hot tea also helps a ton so I’m focusing on that as well. I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone who isn’t living inside my whacked out head. I used to smoke cigarettes which is probably a reason why this habit is that much more difficult to break. Fortunately I have no desire to pick up a cigarette ever again in my life (I’m a sun worshiper, I’ve exposed myself to more than enough carcinogens during the hours I’ve spent at the beach with nothing more than SPF4) but sometimes I miss the comfort and relaxation of it. These guys are great because they’re tar, tobacco and nicotine free. They’re simply flavored vapor and they taste great! The watermelon is my favorite! I definitely feel that lightheaded buzz but I’m not sure if it’s actually from the hookah or if it’s all in my head remembering how cigarettes used to make me feel? Hmm..

3. Are you sick of photos of my hands holding iced coffee yet? I had to today only because my nail polish matched the Dunkin Donuts colors SO well! I’m also a little upset that Dunkin DISCONTINUED my favorite coffee flavor, cinnamon!! They keep trying to push the pre-sweetened Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavor on me but, HELLO, SO not the same, AT ALL!!!! I miss my hazelnut-cinnamon combo so bad. I’ve switched to hazelnut-french vanilla which is definitely good, but not the same. Cue the violins.. 

4. Speaking of nails, I’ve been really into round tipped nails the past few weeks! Honestly, I never in a million years would have thought I’d steer away from my beloved square tips. What does this meeeeeaaan? Am I growing up?! Make it stop!

5. Yesterday was the one day I was back in the gym and I couldn’t use the treadmill yet because that kind of walking was irritating my toe so I used the Arc Trainer. Oh my gosh, I always forget about this damn machine and whenever I rediscover it and get a super awesome crazy sweaty workout I’m like WHY do I never use this machine?! It’s such an underrated piece of equipment!!

6. Speaking of walking, yesterday I actually went for a walk outside. I usually take daily walks for about 20 minutes or so but it’s been so absurdly cold that I’ve had zero desire to be outside. Even walking to my car hurts. Anyway, it felt sooo good and I realized how much I miss it and how good walking outside makes me feel. Of course today it dropped back down into the painfully freezing and I did not walk. Spring, hurry up PLEASE!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! I will be spending mine trying to detox and eat nothing but rabbit food. Oh, I’m also seeing a movie AND a play…all in one weekend! Hopefully my attention span lasts through it all..