Super Bowl Sunday & OOTD

First off…



Womp, what a game! Not that I’m a huge football fan, but I do watch the Super Bowl every year and I’ve never seen a team get absolutely killed like that before!! Of course, the losing team was the team I was both rooting and dressed for. Typical. I based that choice solely on Erick Decker and his outrageously beautiful wife because that’s normal, right? Moving right along, here’s what I wore:



My husband and I ended up not having our lonely party of two! We went over to our friend’s home. They’re married with two young kids so it was more of a family gathering than a crazy football party which was completely fine by me, considering I had a class to teach at 5:45 this morning! Dan hits the gym around the same time I get ready for work so Sundays are pretty much always an early night for us. 

Considering the fact there was going to be an abundance of fried and decadent foods leggings and comfort were both a must. I also wanted to be festive and show some team spirit, despite the fact that I had to google “what are the Bronco’s colors” prior to. I wore my FAVORITE Hardtail leggings, a navy blue tank top from the Victoria’s Secret Pink line, topped with an orange gauzy sweater from Vintage Havana. Aside from Wildfox, this is my favorite brand for sweaters! I buy them from Lord & Taylor and I think I grab one every time I’m in the store. I wear them all year round; they’re light enough to pair with shorts in the spring/summer while still being cozy enough to use as layering pieces during the winter months. I stuck with blue and turquoise jewelry to compliment my Broncos theme. Yesterday was unseasonably warm (almost to the 50’s!) so you better believe I took the opportunity to throw on flip flops (which were blue, of course)!! 

It was definitely a random outfit, but it worked for the occasion! Plus, it really was comfy and a flowy top was just what I needed. 



Ok, how adorable is our friend’s daughter?! She had gone to a birthday party yesterday morning and made that puppy cupcake, which she was so proud of! As she should have been, I mean, look at it! I told her she’s even better than me at cake decorating and that’s certainly not a lie. The birthday party was at a specialty chocolate shop/bakery in our area so our friend picked up a bunch of sweets including chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate dipped pretzels, molded chocolates, homemade candy bars and Black & White Cookies-which we all agreed were one of the BEST B&W Cookies we’d ever had! Her daughter wouldn’t let anyone touch her cupcake, however, her son was generous enough to share his and his mom and I devoured it. It was so rich & flavorful! It was a dense cake and definitely tasted homemade; I will be making a trip to that bakery, for sure! 

For dinner we had all the grub my husband ordered, you know, the 20 wings, full rack of ribs, waffle fries, extra blue cheese, etc. Since that was nowhere near enough our friend also whipped up an entire tray of chicken cutlets, pasta and set out several different types of chips to accompany an assortment of dips including hummus and Seven Layer Dip. Can I confide in you and you promise not to judge me? I actually started with the cupcake, then I had some fries and wings. My friend was dipping her cutlets into blue cheese so, of course, I had to try the same (I actually like the cutlets dipped in Seven Layer Dip and wing sauce the best). Then, I figured, since they were there, I’d try the ribs. Remember how I said I wasn’t a fan? OH MY GOSH. I have no idea why I’ve shunned them for so long. I’m officially a rib lover. I ate about six. Some of them I dipped into the Seven Layer Dip (and blue cheese…and hummus-oh, and promise, I was not drinking or under the influence of anything else, nor am I pregnant…but I am at that time of the month which could explain all of this, TMI, I know, whatever). From my Super Bowl Snack list I ended up making the Jalapeño Popper Cheeseball, which I shaped into a cute little football, using black sesame seeds for the detail (in the photo above). I also made the Southwest Quinoa Bites….but our friend’s husband was absolutely appalled that I made something somewhat healthy for football so they never made it out! I made the Avalanche Bars as well, but I waited too long to mix in the marshmallows so they didn’t set right and ended up being a crumbly mess (a delicious crumbly mess, which I still inhaled, but I digress..). The cheese ball, however was a huge hit! It was insanely spicy and we all loved it! For dessert it should surprise no one that I ate a lot of everything. End of story. I certainly paid for it today as I felt like I was about to vomit while teaching two cycling classes this morning! 

With the exception of the miserable game, we had such a good time last night! We hadn’t seen these friends in a while and it was so good to get together, gossip, spend some time together and complain about the lack of good commercials! Also, their kids were hysterical and I loved their commentary throughout the game! I think the game being as boring as it was was actually a good thing because it enabled us to spend more time chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Also, they have a Bull Mastiff and she is the epitome of a gentle giant. You should have seen the amount of drool that came out of this pup’s face with all the food around!! I loved it! She’s one of my favorite dogs; I’m a total sucker for big dogs, especially big eyed, mushy, drooly ones!!! How can you not love a face like this:



That’s Miss Izzy and her head is literally bigger than mine! And this was our reaction to the first play:



I hope you all had a great night and enjoyed your Super Bowl weekend! Hope it was filled with good food and great friends and to all you Seahawk fans, Congrats! Seriously!



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