This is my life:



Driving around in blizzard, after blizzard. I probably shouldn’t be snapping pictures and driving with my knees during these conditions, however, I needed the reminder that as much as I loathe it, at times its beauty is undeniable. Of course I was one of the few out there, stuck driving from class to class while everyone else was snuggled up at home enjoying the snow day. Haven’t you heard, gyms never close.

I’m not complaining though. It was one of the first times ever that I actually took in the views and simply enjoyed the moment and all of the fresh, uninterrupted blankets of powder coating nearly everything around me. Plus, I was warmed up from teaching and toasty from the blaring heat of my car, as long as I’m not cold, I’m content. I even sipped some iced coffee while driving through this (Hazelnut-Cinnamon with a splash of skim from Dunkin, still hooked on this flavor!). 

The day after a snow storm is never quite as lovely as the initial fall but when I left this morning to teach my early classes I was still greeted with a pretty glorious view of the sun rising up over the snow covered trees and buildings.



All and all, I guess this whole winter thing ain’t so bad…

However, I did still make a new pair of Daisy Dukes this afternoon, you know, in preparation for my real favorite time of year.



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