Friday Favorites

Welcome to the weekend, friends! Let’s get to it; here’s what I’m loving this week:




1. Can THIS little shark speaker be any cuter?! I picked this up at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day where it was on sale for $7.99! I always have music playing when I’m home, whether I’m in the shower or cooking in the kitchen. Typically, I carry my phone or iPad with me from room to room to keep my music going. When I saw this I figured it’d be worth a try since it was so inexpensive and would allow me to blast my music louder and hear it through different rooms. It doesn’t make the music too much louder but it looks so insanely adorable sitting on my phone or iPad that I don’t even care! It was loud enough for me to hear through my shower and blow drying my hair, so I’ll give it credit there. 😉

2. I’ve mentioned this Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume before my oh my goodness, I’m so in love. When I first mentioned it, it was in a haul and though I’d smelled it before I hadn’t actually worn it. This is my new “everyday” daytime scent. All of my perfumes are very heavy and always seem to be a bit too much to wear during the day. They’re simply a bit too “in your face”, which I love, but not when I’m sweating it out on the bike or interacting with strangers at the grocery store. I needed something a bit lighter, somewhat subtle but still fitting for me (I like two scents-vanilla or beachy scents and both work fantastic with my body). I also wanted a perfume that was relatively inexpensive so I wouldn’t mind using it daily since my others are a bit pricier and I’m more inclined to savor them. This perfume certainly fits the bill! It’s such a fresh yet sweet scent. It makes me feel like it’s a warm summer day, I’m wearing nothing but cut offs and a bikini and ready to hop into a convertible and head to the beach! The only downside to this perfume is that it doesn’t last nearly as long as my others. The bottle is small enough that when I wear it I drop it into my bag and carry it with me for touch ups.

3. I just picked up these cute lovebird kitchen towels from Target yesterday. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and I was looking for more decorations to make our apartment feel a bit more festive. This time of year always seems to drag as we’ve all come down from the Holiday season high and it seems to just do nothing but snow. The lovey-dovey red hearts and pink cupids all over never fail to cheer me up and brighten an otherwise gloomy winter day. 

4. This was a conversation Dan and I had last night when I told him I had to make a frosting when I got home. I put it up on Instagram and was surprised to see how many other people have similar conversations with their significant other! I always thought it was so odd how different Dan and I are when it comes to being messy. I know they say “opposites attract” but it’s not entirely true; relationships work much better when a couple share similar core values. I guess I was under the impression that cleanliness was one of those values so I always laugh at how polar opposite we are. Dan is literally the most anal, clean, organized person I’ve ever met and I’m basically the bull in his China shop. If it weren’t for him I probably would never make the bed, let alone wash the sheets! I’m organized when I need to be, but I consider myself more of an “organized mess”. Dan’s called me Pig Pen before and yes my crap is thrown all over the place but I know where everything in my mess is; it all has it’s spot in the pile! This is what it’s like living in our home: I leave crumbs and debris EVERYWHERE and Dan follows me around with a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels like an OCD lunatic. It’s always amazed me how accepting we are of each other’s mannerisms despite the fact that we’re complete opposites of each other. That’s why I was so surprised at the feedback to that conversation! I love that there are other couples with a similar dynamic! I guess I was wrong, opposites really do attract! In the back of my head I kind of thought that we balanced each other out and apparently we do and so do lots of other couples!

5. I’ve been on a self-tanner buying binge recently, I’ve been hoarding bottlesLast week I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the gym and I was so pale I felt like a marshmallow! I was horrified. That day I stopped at CVS on the way home to buy a bottle of my favorite self-tanner, Loreal Sublime Bronze. I use both the overnight (white lotion, yellow bottle) one and the instant Bronze Glow (brown sparkly bottle with bronzy, glittery lotion). I also keep TanTowels in my purse and gym bag because when I cycle I usually drip off some tan (gross, I know, luckily for me the studio is very dark!). I’ve been using the lotions all week and I feel infinitely better with a little color. I wish the tanning beds weren’t so harmful because a real tan looks so much better! The lotion still helps though and I do appreciate the healthy glow that they give me without the risk of melanoma. 

6. This song by CHVRCHES. It’s been out for a while but every single time it comes on, without fail, I totally jam out and sing at the top of my lungs (in gibberish, pretending I know the words). It’s just SO GOOD!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! 



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