Chicks Heart Chocolate

Well, chicks heart chocolate and just about every other sweet, at least this chick does. Luckily for me, my friends share my affinity for all things fat and sugar which is why this weekend we had our second “Fatty Saturday” get together. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it looks like this:



A smorgasbord of desserts. Totally decadent, completely unnecessary and so much fun. This idea started a couple years ago and was born from my friend’s Facebook post of her chocolate fountain. A few of her Facebook friends, myself included, commented on this picture complaining about how we’d never had the chance to experience this fountain…WHY was she holding out on us?! So she decided to throw a little party centered around said chocolate fountain; it’d be an all dessert party, everyone could make or buy whatever they wanted, but no savory food, just desserts (and booze, clearly). She made an evite declaring the party “Fatty Saturday” with specific instructions to wear sweat pants. This was the party I talked about in my Super Bowl post where I brought the Campfire Crack and literally made new friends thanks to that dessert! We’ve been trying to plan a Part Two for some time now and this weekend it finally came to fruition. 

Of course I immediately headed over to my dessert recipe laden Pinterest boards for inspiration and in true Lindsay fashion made absolutely nothing from there. Since we’re all Italian the obvious choice was something Nutella. I like to go big or go home so when I searched through Nutella recipes I knew THIS had to be made because it truly showcased the ingredient better than any other recipe. It was decadently over the top, which was exactly what I wanted. It took a few days to make but the end results were completely worth the labor:



I kid you not, this cake had to weigh between 15-20 pounds AT LEAST. It was one of the richest, most dense cakes I’ve ever had. It got rave reviews, the only downside was that it was literally so rich that I don’t think anyone actually finished an entire piece. Nevertheless, half the cake managed to be polished off so I’d say that’s a pretty good sign, especially considering the entire array of desserts it was competing with!



Now, we know I’m the Queen of Excess so naturally this wasn’t the only thing I brought. I also baked up a batch of the Pioneer Woman’s Slice and Bake cookies (EVERYONE should have a log of this dough in their freezer at ALL TIMES, you know…for emergencies and..stuff) and Oatmeal Cookie Cheesecake Bars, which were specially requested.



How can you go wrong? My friend who hosted made decadent chocolate cupcakes with a luscious chocolate frosting and graham cracker Icebox Cake (she made this for the first party, it was another request!) which is such a comforting, nostalgic treat. She also had a gigantic bowl of fresh whipped cream sitting out, which I did my fair share of dunking into throughout the night. Another friend showed up with two giant boxes of pastries including my favorites, Rainbow Cookies. I also brought a box of the new Krispie Treat Oreos, which really don’t need an explanation now, do they? There were also two enormous bags full of a variety of flavored cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory. We never made it to those, unfortunately. Towards the end of the night my friend’s husband made a Taco Bell run so while I’m being candid, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch was also consumed during this Sugar Fest. Don’t judge, please. 

For the first Fatty Saturday I wore jeans and this time around I was basically threatened with my life to dress it down so I followed suit and kept it casual:



Footie leggings and a basic, loose fitting sweater from Express (which I purchased recently for $8.00 during their post holiday sale!!) which I paired with my black knit Uggs. Comfy, casual and a perfect outfit for a night of indulging. 

Of course along with indulging in food we also indulged in gossip and breaking each other’s balls. My husband fell asleep for most of the night and I alone polished off a bottle of white wine. One of my friends recently had a baby and the other is newly engaged and planning her wedding so there was a lot of exciting talk about the most precious new chapters in life. It made me miss my own wedding planning while at the same time left me inspired and excited for the day that Dan and I are ready to start a family of our own. I love how the three of us are in such different places yet still so similar and can share these exciting times with each other while making amazing memories. It was crazy to see how far we’ve all come in the very short lapse of time since our first Fatty Saturday! Decadent food is great but I truly believe that enjoyment of food is relative to the quality of company you enjoy it with and these girls are certainly of the highest quality. 



Of course we don’t need an excuse to get together but no one can deny that themed parties are fun. I don’t think you can go wrong with a dessert themed get together so here are some tips for how to host a Fatty Night of your own:

1. More is definitely more! Don’t put a limit on the snacks and encourage everyone to bring as much of whatever they want. The abundance is what makes the whole thing so much fun; it’s all about the utter ridiculousness. It’s more about the excitement of watching the plethora of desserts expand, laughing at the assortment while feeling hungry, anxious, overwhelmed, diabetic and excited all at the same time. It’s very much like Thanksgiving.

2. Keep the booze in theme; make them girly! Have a punch bowl with an overly sweet cocktail, maybe even with scoops of ice cream or sherbet floating in it. Rose wines and pink champagnes are a fun, festive touch!

3. Although not necessary, a few savory treats are nice to have on hand in case someone’s palette needs a break from sugar. (You can’t go wrong with Taco Bell.)

4. Homemade treats are definitely the best but since we’re being indulgent anyway a few key store-bought items add to the charm. Bonus points for nostalgic items like Twinkies or outrageous chain-restaurant favorites like anything from The Cheesecake Factory.

5. Encourage an understated dress code! I love getting all decked out but I also love the low key vibe of a night dedicated to truly vegging out, sweatpants and all. 

6. Start packaging up leftovers well before the night comes to an end. By the time your guests leave they’ll most likely never want to see another piece of dessert again in their lives, let alone take home a platter of everything they’ve just spent the past several hours gorging on. Package up a plate for each guest, wrap it in foil so they can’t see what’s in it and just insist on them taking the surprise plate on their way out. They may groan at the thought of leftovers in that moment but once they regain their appetite the following day or so that plate of goodies hiding in their fridge will be a welcome surprise!

7. Lastly, have fun and DO NOT take yourself seriously at an event dedicated to being a fatty!! Indulge, laugh, have fun and enjoy an over the top night with your girlfriends!





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