OOTD – Winter Weekday

Getting dressed during the winter months just isn’t as exciting as is it during the other seasons. During spring, summer and fall the weather is mild, there are no elements that you need to protect yourself from and you have more opportunities for fashion freedom (without having to cover it with a giant coat or worry about it getting ruined by a downfall or street salt). Fall is all about cozy sweaters, transitioning into warmer color palettes, woven scarves and riding boots. Springtime welcomes bright, fresh colors and happy pastels; outfits mimic the newly blossoming flowers as our senses are reawakened by the blooming colors. The heat of summer celebrates our bodies and glowing tans while begging for the shortest shorts, cropped tops and understated accessories. 

Then, there’s winter. Where all I want to wear is grey and hide inside my apartment away from the salty, slushy puddles and tear inducing, harsh winds. Granted, I love me some winter white but it gets filthy and any cute outfit is totally overshadowed by the necessary bundles of ugly, puffy, overwhelming jackets (which I refuse to wear). In the winter I pretty much live in leggings and hoodies paired with either Hunter or Ugg boots, depending on how much melted snow I’ll be trudging through. I would love to be one of those chicks who can rock the skinny white jeans with a cozy winter white sweater. I have all those items in my unnecessarily massive closet and sometimes I even put them on but then I realize I can’t wear the shoes I really want to pair with the outfit because as soon as I step outside they’ll be destroyed by salt and snow. Or, I’m going to have to throw some big ‘ol jacket over the whole ensemble, that I’ll probably never even take off because I’m always freezing so, what’s the point. In my mind, it’s just a cute outfit gone to waste so I pull out the leggings. I guess I’m just uninspired during this season. In more ways than one. 

However, being that I am a legging addict this time of year I did just purchase these leggings to cheer myself up on these cold, grey days. At least they’ll add some much needed color to my winter wardrobe. 

Last week I went to visit my grandma and go to dinner with my parents so I wanted to wear something a little nicer than my standard workout gear and leg warmers. Plus, it was unseasonably warm that day which meant no distracting jacket necessary! Of course I still wore leggings, because, well, I don’t even know where my jeans are anymore…it’s been a long winter.



My leggings are from NY&Co., they were buy one get one free after the holidays so I stocked up since the length is ideal! I’m 5’7, so ankle-length leggings for these stems aren’t the easiest things to come by! The white tank is the standard spaghetti strap from the BP section of Nordstrom. I literally have one or two in every color, they’re the perfect layering piece! Plus, they’re super fitted and hold everything in. The button down is from Forever 21 and it’s designed to tie at the bottom. I have tons of sheer button downs like this and am always asked where I get them. They’re pretty much ALL from bargain stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack and Forever 21, with the occasional few from the BP section of Nordstrom. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $16.00 for a breezy button down! The fur vest is from American Eagle and is one of the loves of my life. The rain boots are Hunter and they’re the best shoe investment EVER. Literally wear them year round and pair them with EVERYTHING. The mint green jelly watch is from Anthropologie, I purchased it last June with my birthday discount. Mint green is one of my all time favorite colors both to wear and in general. I love the pop of color this watch lends to just about any outfit!





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