Valentine’s Day OOTD



I’m a total sucker for themed outfits so, naturally for Valentine’s Day I gravitated towards pink and girly. First I picked out this flowy, floral top that I purchased quite some time ago from Nordstrom Rack. It’s a light blush colored sheer fabric with small pink roses on it but it has a zipper down the front center at the chest which adds the slightest touch of edge to an otherwise overly feminine top. To play into that edginess I had to pair it with a leather jacket and dark bottoms. I bought this jacket at a local boutique last spring and I love it for multiple reasons. First, the color which is the perfect blush/mauve combo; it’s pink without being too little-girlish. Second, the sleeves. They actually zip off at the shoulder, turning the jacket into a vest so it can be worn multiple ways throughout the year. I have a picture of it worn as a vest on my Instagram here. Lastly, the inside lining is leopard, enough said. Of course I paired it with my favorite leggings and ankle booties because I’m that predictable. Plus, it was a blizzard again Saturday night and for whatever reason I just can’t do jeans in snow. I don’t know, I guess I just need everything to be all about comfort in this weather. I kept my jewelry understated and wore a small pink bow necklace (from Forever 21), pink rose earrings and a big pink flower cocktail ring on my left index finger. To tie in the black bottoms I carried a structured black clutch.



The clutch is from one of those small boutiques in Soho that I cannot remember the name of. It has a detachable strap so it can also be worn as a cross body bag, which I love. PS, don’t you love my cheesy mirror decal Valentine’s decorations?? When my husband first saw those he told me I had “Peter Pan Syndrome” since apparently I was decorating the apartment in the style of a 12 year old. Whatevs, aren’t we all just kids inside, anyway?! PPS, that peacock phone case is a recent Amazon purchase and I LOVE it! You simply cannot beat Amazon for phone cases, I mean, hello everything-under-five-bucks. 

Then of course, the manicure which I adore because it was pink for Valentine’s without being obnoxiously festive:



Can I just live in a world covered in glitter?



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