Mini Marshall’s Haul

Here’s the thing about discount stores (like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, etc.), they’re never really a destination but they always seem to pop up around me at the most convenient times and I can never help but to wander in. The proximity of Marshall’s is deadly considering it’s right next to my cycling studio (aka my job, aka my second home). Whenever I shop in these stores I typically leave with only boring staples like t-shirts to wear with leggings and basic sheer button downs. Sometimes, though, I find some really unique pieces that I get a lot of wear out of and tons of compliments on (like my army green, high waisted maxi skirt, which I LIVE in all summer!). Many of my favorite pieces are random discount store finds! A few weeks ago, as I was browsing the racks I came across the following items, which I am really excited to add to my spring and summer wardrobe!



First off is the blue and cream aztec-ish printed sweater. This may look a bit winterish in the photo but the fabric is actually very light weight and breezy. When I saw it I immediately thought of how cute it would look paired with a basic tank, jean cutoff shorts and tan sandals or worn alone as a bikini coverup on a breezy beach day! In the summer Dan and I like to stay at the beach past sunset and I always pack a comfy but light sweater to throw on after the sun goes down. I was torn between this blue color and a neon pink. I decided to go with the blue because I have tons of neon pink items in my closet that are hardly worn.

Next is that cream long sleeved top. It’s a basic top but the lace detail on the sleeves is what caught my eye. I have quite a lot of vests and not many long sleeve tops to wear with them. I typically wear my vests in the late spring and summer paired with t’s or tank tops. I needed some more long sleeved tops in my rotation to pair with my heavier vests (like my fur and leather ones). Also button downs that allow for customizable cleavage exposure are always a plus. 

Finally, this belt. I have this brown woven belt from Lucky Brand that I love so much I could marry. My love has taken a toll on this belt as my constant wearing of it has lead to it beginning to fray and fall apart. It’s absolutely awful. I’ve been on a hunt for a new brown woven belt that is comparable and it’s been impossible to find. I saw the weaving, color and thickness of this belt before I noticed the label. It’s a Michael Kors belt but the price was knocked down to sixteen dollars. I’m not big on obvious logos but the chain MK detail was subtle enough. Plus, if they really bother me I can slip them off the loop they’re attached to, which is nice. 

Of course all of these pieces are for spring and won’t be worn any time soon since it literally HAS NOT STOPPED snowing here. It has been coming down faster than we can remove it and the piles of snow are as high as some buildings. I want to cry.


I’m really getting tired of tree snow falling on my head as I walk home…



This sums up my commute. See the shiny road? That’s ice. Slipping around in a car while simultaneously bonking over absurdly deep potholes is not my idea of a good time.

When will it stop? When will I convince my husband to leave this horrid state? How do you cure cabin fever? All I know is I need someone to transport me back here:








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