Friday Favorites

Ahh….the week is FINALLY at its end!! Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over lately (this covers the past two weeks since I was CRAZY busy last week):



1. Cinnamon Vanilla Baileys. OH MY GOODNESS. Those who know me know that there is a special little place in this [part] Irish heart of mine for good ol’ Baileys. When I go out to eat I sometimes enjoy it with or for dessert. At home I like making a cocktail with it by combining it with vodka (preferably Pinnacle Whipped), coffee or another liquor. I saw this flavor at the liquor store and was thisclose to buying the full bottle but feared it’d disappear WAY too quick. That fear was confirmed when I literally inhaled this little guy when my intention was simply for a sip (at around 10am…). I believe Pinnacle has a new cinnamon bun flavored vodka now and all I want to do is marry that to this Baileys. OMG. You have to have abundantly sweet teeth like me where nothing is too sweet or too rich to savor that cocktail!

2. Sashimi Sundays!! My husband and I typically chuck our diets out the window come the weekend but for dinner on Sundays we like to segue back into that clean mentality and enjoy a healthy, veggie-packed dinner. We feel much better Monday morning after a healthy Sunday dinner than if we ate a heavy meal full of junk. For the past few months we’ve been having Salad Sundays but we’ve grown pretty tired of that and have made the switch to Sashimi Sundays!! It reminds of us of Hawaii as nearly all of our meals there included raw fish and the presentation is always so beautiful that it makes the dinner feel extra special. 

3. La Croix Coconut Seltzer!! A few years back I discovered La Croix seltzers at Target and bought them regularly. I completely forgot about them until I was in Whole Foods the other day and grabbed one out of impulse on my way to check out. As soon as I took that first sip I remembered why I used to hoard this stuff. SO, SO good.

4. Essie’s “Butler Please” nail polish. I was actually hesitant about that color when I first picked it out but after that manicure I had to go buy a bottle for myself because I was instantly OBsessed. Like, hello, most perfect blue ever. Speaking of nail polish…



5. I picked up these two colors on impulse at CVS last week. It was one of our crazy snowstorms where I still had to go in to teach. The snowy grey skies were making me feel a bit depressed so I decided to stop in CVS and pickup one of those new super pigmented Maybelline lip glosses all the beauty vloggers keep raving about. I figured a nice bright fuchsia gloss would up my spirits. Well, apparently everyone follows the advice of said vloggers because the glosses were completely cleaned out. I did, however, spot the rack of Essie polishes with all the new spring colors on display. SPRING! The fact that it’s only a few weeks away was an instant pick-me-up so I bought one color from last year’s spring collection [Tart Deco-the coral] and a new one from this year’s Resort Collection [Cocktails & Coconuts-the perfect sandy nude with gorgeous specks of subtle glitter, it’s amazing].

6. Our wedding proof book came!!!!!! The photographers chose the photo for the cover and it’s a huge textbook, it almost looks like a yearbook! 



How cute will that be sitting on our coffee table!? It’s filled with thousands of little proofs-all the photos from our wedding. I love that they sent us this because, honestly, clicking through the proofs online was such a pain and I do not have the patience for it. This is SO MUCH easier, as I can flip through randomly, highlight the prints I like and move along. Also I can come back to it at any time without worrying about saving or losing a page. Whatever, I guess I really am old school. Paper and print ALL THE WAY! To end this favorites post, here is a little selection of a few of my favorites:



Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



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