St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Link Up

Ok, so we’re still a few weeks out from St. Patty’s but according to Target, CVS, all the grocery and home stores it’s HERE, like NOW. Apparently it’s all green everything everywhere you look, with a sprinkling of Easter bunnies here and there. Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day literally just passed. Whatever, I bought some bunny topped cupcake candy jars to decorate my apartment with the other day. #guilty.

While browsing through my multiple Pinterest boards I realized that I have quite the collection of St. Patrick’s Day recipes. What can I say? I’m part Irish and I enjoy a day dedicated to the acceptability of getting drunk before noon celebrating my heritage. Of course, I also like creating fun, holiday appropriate treats. Last year I made this green velvet cheesecake. So outrageous. I was recovering from surgery this time last year and baking was one of the ways I kept busy.



I definitely want to make another fun treat this year so I decided to make a list of my pinned recipes so as the day gets closer I can easily pick one (or several) out! Hope you enjoy!


Fun Treats for St. Patrick’s Day!


1. This green popcorn treat is too gorgeous! This would be really fun to make into portioned gift bags to give out to coworkers (or school snacks for kids!).

2. Please tell me what day is more appropriate than March 17th for boozy cupcakes filled with Baileys and Jameson AND Guiness? Be still my heart..

3. BOOZY PUPPY CHOW. Stop, just stop. 

4. These Kiss Pretzels are just as easy to make as they are pretty to look at!

5. Hello cake of my DREAMS. I die for anything pistachio. Cutting into this cake to reveal such a pretty, vibrant green just SCREAMS “Happy St. Patty’s”!

6. Do you have a heart shaped cookie cutter left over from Valentine’s Day? Transform any heart shaped treat into a shamrock!! So clever! I’m totally making these and running out to McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake to wash them down with!



7. This Margarita cheesecake is a nice, elegant, understated alternative to the in-your-face artificially green concoctions. Plus, appropriately boozy.

8. Green cookies!! These would be so fun for a St. Patrick’s Day party or get together.

9. Last year my mom made green pancakes but she baked Lucky Charm’s cereal into them and topped them with the marshmallows and whipped cream! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that March 17th…or any day of the year.

10. More boozy cupcakes. I think these are intended for Cinco de Mayo but why not drop some green food coloring into the batter or frosting and call it a day?

11. Of course I have to throw something healthy into the mix. Enter: fruit salad rainbow. Adorned with a bowl-o-Rolos “pot of gold”. I’m down with that.


I know it’s a bit early, but hey, St. Patty’s is the perfect holiday to transition us into Spring and we all know how over this Winter I am!!


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Link Up

  1. I’m sitting here browsing different posts and craving something sweet, and damn it Lindsay you did it to me again! lol! All of this looks so good!! I’m all for celebrating St. Patty’s Day too. I’m a quarter Irish so I definitely think that’s an excuse to go all out.

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