What’s in My Bag

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the nosiest person. My husband points it out constantly as I’m always up in his business. For example, “Hi, whattaya eatin’? Whatcha doin’? What’s that? Whattaya readin’? Can I seeeeee?” to which he typically responds with, “Oh my GOSH! You are SO nosey! Why must you know everything?”. Literally, that’s our life.


Don’t even get me started on strangers. I’m just going to out myself here. If I’m standing behind you in line at CVS, Target, wherever, I’m 100% peering into your basket to see what you’re getting. If your purse is hanging open, totally peeking in there. I can’t help it! I’m a total creep.

Naturally, I love these “What’s in my Bag?” tags. I love reading them and I love watching them on YouTube. I don’t know why the contents of other girls’ bags and the belongings of others interest me so but they do. I’m hoping that I’m not the only weirdo out there who enjoys creeping on others, so for all my other nosey friends out there I’m sharing the innards of my purse.

In fact any time someone else holds my bag they almost always do ask, “what do you have in there?!”. I don’t think this is because they’re inherently nosey, like me, but simply because my bag almost always weighs 20+ pounds.  Let’s take at look at how that’s possible:


I swear, I’m not a hoarder.

Also, I did not clean out my bag before taking these pictures. I’ve been using this bag since Friday and I was switching out to my “work” bag, aka my giant gym bag from Victoria’s Secret Pink. The bag here is one of my favorite “weekend” bags (I also use it as a travel bag, which it’s great for because it’s enormous) and its the Icon Bit Large Hobo with Horsebit Detail, from Gucci.

First, let’s address this problem of mine which is also the main reason why my bag is always as heavy as it is. I absolutely always, at all times, have several drinks on me. In my bag alone. There’s always back up in my car. Apparently I must have a subconscious fear of dehydration. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. In college I ALWAYS kept a 12-pack of Diet Coke cans in my trunk (back when I was addicted to soda). I hate being without water so there is always anywhere between 1-5 water bottles on me. Half the time I carry a gallon sized jug around. Then, there has to be something caffeinated and something flavored. Dan says this habit is akin to a baby carrying around that “safety bottle”. Perhaps.

The next bulky items are my assortment of books. I have not yet advanced to keeping my schedule on my phone so I heavily rely on my daily planner, especially with my erratic schedule. The planner is the green book on the bottom with the elephant post it (with an old, scratched out to-do list written on it) on it.


I haven’t filled in April yet, with the exception of important things.

Along with my planner I always keep something to read with me, just in case. I recently finished my book so I threw a new magazine in there. Along with that is my little “idea” notebook. It’s a small book where I jot down any writing/creative ideas I have or various to-do lists. I also use it to make grocery lists. There was also a random name tag in there from the CPR recertification course I attended yesterday.

You can’t carry notebooks without writing tool so of course, the Queen of Abundance that I am, I have not one but four pens (one of them is wedged in the spiral of my mini notebook).

There’s also a hair clip on my planner. I never go anywhere without a hair clip which always comes in handy at work or the gym where I inevitably always forget to throw my hair up. There’s also a random business card in there. It’s from Becco, where I went to dinner Sunday night with my family after seeing Cinderella on Broadway (both=AMAZING).

Next is my wallet. Also from Gucci, it was a graduation gift from my parents. It’s been the only wallet I’ve used since and I’m surprised at what great condition it’s still in. I love it because it’s very spacious and big/stylish enough to use on it’s own when I shop and don’t want to lug my massive bag around.


It’s fairly empty right now because I’m making the effort not to shop and start saving. So, I removed all my cash and credit cards and had my husband hide them from me. I have a problem. I keep my insurance cards, training certification cards, ID and a photo of Dan and I in there. There’s also spare change and CVS/grocery/Sephora/etc. customer cards.

On top of the drinks is a small red and black orb. That’s my pop up brush. Necessary to have at all times if you work in fitness.

Moving along are a bunch of winter things: a hat, leg warmers, gloves and sunglasses. I am always absurdly cold so I typically stash layers. Normally I have a scarf and sweater on me as well, so I guess I kept it light this weekend. Those sunglasses are from the $10.00 a pair table in the BP section of Nordstrom.

There is a random Band-Aid in there and I’m not sure why. My glasses are in there from the weekend, so I could actually see the play. I’m a gum addict, always hoard several flavors. Love those Ice Breakers mints.

Moving upward is my business card holder from Dooney & Bourke, a random tub of protein powder, Baby Lips and an Eos lip balm. To the left are pens, two of my Diamond Shishas, hand sanitizer and my Macaron Pill Box.


I LOVE this adorable little thing!! Typically it holds a variety of pills that would make the pharmacy jealous but this past week it was dedicated purely to Tylenol which I’ve been taking for my broken toe.

That Too Faced palette was thrown in there on Sunday in case I needed to touch up my makeup when I was in the city. I always carry around touch up makeup, but I NEVER touch up!! My makeup would last for days if I didn’t remove it, I really should STOP carrying it around. So unnecessary!

Nevetheless, I keep an entire makeup bag filled with products in there. This makeup bag is from Gucci, a birthday gift from my parents a few years ago. I love this thing, I’ve even used it as a clutch. Here’s what’s hiding in there:



Everything. I’ve got yet another touch up eye shadow pallet, tissues, floss, deodorant (that gets used frequently, actually!), a tampon, a couple NARS eye shadows and a random sparkle lip gloss. There are two mascaras in there, an eyeshadow brush, liquid liner, three eye brow pencils, a sharpener, nail file, a hair tie and clip, a black pencil liner, a mini kabuki brush, tweezers, advil and a sephora eye brightener. There’s also a diamond ring shaped mirror and my YSL Manifesto perfume, which I adore. The blotting tissues, stain remover and deodorant towel are from a “bride’s emergencies kit” that one of my friends got me before my wedding. Then there are two mini tubes of lip moisturizer and lotion. I always keep toothpaste on me, my toothbrush is kept in my gym bag (I like to be able to brush my teeth, especially on days where I work straight through).  This is basically my “mini gym bag”. Everything is in here in case I go to meet someone after I teach, have somewhere to go between classes, or simply won’t be able to freshen up between clients. I like keeping all these minis together instead of the larger versions of these items in a gym bag not only because it’s lighter but because I switch bags frequently so I know I can throw this case in and out and feel confident that I have everything I need. Then, when the mini items get used up I replace them, I have drawers of back up in my “CVS Closet”.

The big box is The Royal Apothic Hand Cream from Anthropologie. Yes, I keep it in the box and for GOOD reason! Too many times lotions, perfumes, etc. have been pierced or uncapped and exploded in my bag. With all the things I carry around, you can see how that can be quite the catastrophe. By keeping it in this very thick, steady box that awful problem is elliminated.

Next is my lip gloss pouch which is from MAC:



Here’s the pathetic thing, these are only about half of my nudes. During the week I don’t wear lipgloss. I usually just rely on the soft colors from the Baby Lips on days that I work. However, on the weekends and when I go out I love using lipsticks and glosses. I have several bags of them which I keep in the kitchen (with my go-to things) full of different shades and colors. Sunday night I had a nude lip so instead of sorting through I just grabbed a bunch and brought the whole pouch with me. I also keep a breath mint dropper and a tiny vial of hairspray in there. MAC and NYX are by far my favorite brands for lip products, although I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured that out. What I love about them is that they’re creamy without being sticky and smell delicious!

Well, I think that just about covers everything! It should surprise no one that my beast of a bag is one of the longest posts. As a coach and trainer I am running around constantly and usually get ready/touch up/shower at my various workplaces or the gym so it is somewhat necessary to have many of these things at my fingertips. I’m not sure how to defend my beverage hoarding though. Does anyone else do that??

So, what’s in your bag?! You already know I want to know!! Leave a comment or tag me in your own What’s in Your Bag post. I love ’em!



2 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag

  1. Hooooolllllyyyyy crap! Your biceps should be huge! I thought I carried a lot. I recently scaled down so that I am only carrying one of everything. I’m pretty sure what you carry on a daily basis is what is in my entire HBA closet. 🙂

    • I NEED to scale down!! Yesterday I had to bring my laptop to work, and I have the Macbook Air which should NOT add bulk, but combined with everything else I literally think I nearly tore my shoulder out carrying it. lol I really do carry a full closet around…so bad

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