Spring Inspiration

Isn’t it funny how things like our taste, interests and preferences change as we grow? I guess it’s all a part of growing up, maturing and coming into our own. It’s funny how things we used to hate suddenly seem intriguing. When I was 16 I was all about thick and wide, super long, fake, acrylic nails. Now I crave my natural nails with a rounded tip finished off with a simple color and/or design to suit my mood. When I first met my husband he hated the taste of rosemary, now he flavors our poultry with it and has asked me to make him a rosemary-infused simple syrup for his cocktails! These things are fairly small changes, but one that I’ve noticed the most is my feelings towards the various months of the year.

Take September, for example. Growing up I absolutely abhorred September. It was a dreaded month that represented going back to school, which I loathed. That month was like a giant slap in the face that woke me up from my perfect summer dream. All it lead to was homework and winter and I’d wish it away. Years later I actually got married in September (my 12 year old self’s eyeballs just popped out of her head while reading that) because I love it so much. Now it symbolizes that late summer easiness that so beautifully segues into Fall with golden warm days, soft gentle breezes and cooler nights that still call for sandals yet welcome a comforting scarf. The days are still long but the leaves are starting to bronze around the edges and the warming scent of pumpkin starts to seep into your dreams. Suddenly the transition from late summer to early fall has become one of the sweet spots of my year. 

Another month that has started to change for me is March. This is the other month that used to really irk me. The 21st is supposed to be the start of spring yet winter never fails to linger. Why can’t winter transition into spring as beautifully and perfectly as summer transitions into fall? Summer graciously slows down, cools down, takes a bow, and gently moves along. Winter hangs around like a grumpy old man screaming at everyone, throwing rough, dry, cold breezes trying to remind us HE’S STILL HERE. Meanwhile, the poor flowers are just DYING to pop out of the bare trees. Last year Easter was very early which helped me feel more excited and happy throughout the month of March. I realized that maybe March isn’t so bad. This year I think I’m liking it a touch more. I’m feeling ready for spring and greeting March as the “reset” month. Time to break out of this hibernation and welcome all the things I adore about this season and the warmer months to come. 

Here is a little compilation of the things I’m looking forward to in these coming months along with some of my favorite parts about this time of year. Enjoy 🙂



[ the ultimate highlight of the month of march – annual trip to mcdonalds for a shamrock shake…a favorite since i was way little ]



[ earthy, muted green + rosy pink = favorite spring color combo ]



[ braids + tousled waves ]



[ white jeans + minty green, coral nails, neon & fresh flowers in bloom ]



[ the most appropriately seasonal dessert ]



[ the welcome return of scarves as an accessory not a necessity ]



[ long chunky sweaters, comfortably paired with bare feet ]



[ cut offs, boots & blazers, comfortably worn together + strawberry mimosas ]



[ chunky sweaters + shorts + sunglasses ]



[ carefree day dresses under a lightweight sweater ]



[ adorable easter candy ]



[ the earliest beach days where a sweater may be required, the return of leggings + flats, dying easter eggs ]


What are you most excited about this spring?



4 thoughts on “Spring Inspiration

  1. J’adore that Paris Hilton do!
    Read this while walking from meeting to office in the brisk March air. I’m mentally ready to come out of hibernation but physically I’m staying inside. It’s frickin freezing out here Mr. Bigglesworth.

    • Lol I agree!!! It’s brick city over here too I haven’t left my apt (and space heater) since I got home from work this morning! A few years back I braided my hair like that nearly EVERY DAY time to get back to the braids!

      • I need to figure out how to do the braids. It looks amazing.
        I’m super excited for a high of 40 tomorrow. Just want to be able to walk and social network on my iphone without gloves!

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