Hawaiian Dreams

Well, despite the fact that Spring is indeed on the horizon, it just keeps getting colder here. Last night as I was bundled up under two blankets, sitting with my legs twisted up like a pretzel, I found myself scrolling through some of our photos from Hawaii on my phone. It brought back such great memories that warmed me from the inside.

Hawaii is truly one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Sure it’s beautiful but it’s so much more than that. What makes it so amazing is the people, the culture, the history and the simple way that everyone who lives there truly loves being there. That deeply resonates with me. If anyone were to ask me if I enjoyed living here in New York I would honestly tell them, no, I do not. The only time I’m somewhat comfortable in this area is during the summer as, fortunately, I live close to our coastline. However, even in the summer months I long for that cerulean blue water and crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. I stare out at the rolling sands of our beaches which in my mind simply beg for palm trees. Since I was quite young I realized that I was born on the wrong side of this country. 

Yet, I’m still here and for good reason so I try to make the most of it. In the meantime I try to get out to a tropical area as often as I can and when the warm months come I make the most of my time staying as close to the ocean as I can. Also, I reminisce about the little islands out west that have truly captured my heart. 



[ remote beaches in Kauai ]



[ candles from our trip .. scent is the most powerful sense to help recreate a memory ]



[ burning tea candles in this beautiful holder created by a local artist on Kona; he mixes the sand from local beaches into his clay ]



[ poke, hands down the most amazing dish I’ve ever eaten. the both of us lived on poke while we were there…could not get enough and continue to recreate almost on a weekly basis here // a mai tai each night was necessary, also loved a deep berry lip with my tan // wandering barefoot capturing photos of the places i never wanted to leave ]



[ hubby’s favorite meal came from this truck in hanalei ]



[ it looked like this ; i dominated the taro mochi cake ]



[ the colors of my dreams ]



[ big island treats // fresh greens, crashing waves + frozen cocktails, black lava beaches, sunset dinners on the sand ]



[ the perfect silhouette ]



[ room with a view ; shave ice from the wishing well in hanalei ; orchid garnished mai tai ; kauai sunset ]



[ a perfect life is one in which i could live in a bikini 24/7 // a tiny palm tree souvenir, worn as a daily reminder to make me smile // permanent souvenir – a little freehand ink from the girls at the tsunami tattoo shop in kapaa ]


I can taste that salty pacific breeze..



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