Friday Favorites

Brace yourselves…



Because this is a pretty food-centric post, even for me. Food, food, food with a splash of booze and a sprinkling of nail art. That pretty much sums up my life anyway, with the addition of a cute husband. Here we go!


1. OH MY GOOOOOOSSSHHHHHHHH!!! Stop it, Ben & Jerry’s!!! I cannot. Ok, confession time, I’ve known about these Core flavors for about a year (since they’ve been in Europe) because I’ve seen them on Instagram. Second confession, I actually filled out a survey on which “Core” flavors I would be interested in purchasing here in the United States because I’m on the Ben & Jerry’s mailing list…yeah. I’m also on the mailing lists for Baskin Robbins and Krispy Kreme and…I’m just going to stop embarrassing myself now, you don’t want to know the rest. POINT IS I’ve been counting the days for the moment I plucked one of these bad boys out of my grocer’s freezer. Let me tell you, it was SO hard to narrow it down to only two flavors! I really wanted to get them ALL but I did not because guess who would’ve inhaled all four pints in one night? Yup, let’s not go there. Really, I had to choose one flavor because I got one for me and one for my husband. The four flavors are Salted Caramel (with blondie pieces and sweet cream ice cream with a salted caramel swirl), That’s My Jam (chocolate and raspberry chip ice cream with a jam core), Hazed & Confused (chocolate and hazelnut fudge chip ice cream with a nutella swirl) and Peanut Butter Fudge (chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and peanut butter fudge swirl). My husband isn’t the biggest fan of peanut butter in desserts (I know, I KNOW…what in God’s good name did I marry?!), he’s not head over heels about Nutella (like me and everyone else on the planet…again, what the eff did I marry?) and salted caramel just “doesn’t do it for him” (WHAT THE FUCK). However, Cherry’s Garcia is one of his favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor (yup, the most boring one after Vanilla..) and he LOVES melba sauce on ice cream and all varieties of jams and jellies so clearly, the man was getting the Jam flavor…aka, the last of the four I’d have gone for. SO I was torn between the other three. I ended up going for the salted caramel because, duh, blondies. When I took the initial survey on these flavors I basically selected EVERY option that included peanut butter and blondie. During the survey I was most intrigued by the blondies because I love them and had never had them in ice cream form or as an ice cream flavor and if anyone is going to do a blondie-ice-cream justice, it’s B&J’s. SO I had to go for that guy first. Had the peanut butter flavor been a full on, pure peanut butter core and not peanut butter fudge that would have been my go to. Of course, my chunky butt had to dig in immediately, like the second I walked in the door, to get that first taste and OH MY GOODNESS, these babies did NOT disappoint! Annndddd…..I just spent way too much time and wrote more than anyone ever should about ice cream #fattyboobalatty. 



2. While I certainly do indulge more often than I should I also balance out my diet with healthy stuff. I had this salad at Becco last weekend and I’ve been thinking about it ever since! Yes, even salads do it for me. There was just so much going on here and it was SO perfect! Mixed greens, tons of red onions (my favorite!), carrot shavings, chickpeas, cannellini beans, kidney beans, giant black beans, one or two other beans I hadn’t ever seen before, I believe there were some nuts and then two of the juiciest, softest, olive oil soaked sun dried tomatoes I’ve ever had! It was all tossed in a super vinegary (just the way I like it!) red wine vinaigrette..basically it was salad perfection. I need to recreate this asap so I can eat it every day for the rest of my life, until I get I bored of it and hate it forever. 



3. Let’s take a break from food for a second [insert shocked emoji face] and talk about NAILS. The top picture is a manicure I did myself (clearly) that I just loved! I tried to an ombre glitter fade and was so impressed with how easy it was to do and how cute it turned out! Literally all I did was lightly paint the top third of my nail with glitter! Secondly is the manicure I had done today…MERMAID NAILS!! Don’t they look like little gems of sea glass?! I die. I originally went in wanting obnoxious green St. Patrick’s Day nails but somewhere along my hunt for the perfect green, this happened, and I’m totally ok with it.


4. This is my favorite moisturizing combo of the moment. As soon as I get out of the shower I rub a light coating of coconut oil into my skin. I let it soak in while I moisturize my face then I rub on this coconut body butter from The Body Shop. The scent is incredible and my skin is left literally newborn soft.

5. THIS HUMMUS. Did you think I was done with food? HAH, I’m never done.  Anyway, this hummus is INCREDIBLE. I so wanted to love the Sabra pesto hummus since pesto and hummus are two of my favorite spreads EVER but sadly it really disappoints. There is no actual pesto in the hummus of the Sabra version. There’s just a little dollop of pesto on top. If you swirl it all in it barely tastes like a hint of pesto. So basically you have a few bites of pesto hummus then you’re left with a big ol’ tub of….regular hummus. THIS Trader Joe’s Basil hummus is LEGIT. There is so much basil in the entire container and it’s got a very generous sprinkling of pine nuts on top! It’s so good that I simply eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar. That’s just how I roll. 

6. Finally, this Shock Top beer. I’ve never had it before and I’m not really a beer girl. BUT, my cousin has been RAVING about Shock Top to me for the longest. The only beer I actually enjoy is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. My cousin claims that these apple flavored Shock Tops are just as good. I’ve only ever seen them in a six pack and I can’t bring myself to commit to a full six pack that I may end up throwing away. Today I found these single serve cans at my grocery store and the flavor was Honeycrisp Apple…um, hello, only a crazy person would turn THAT down!! Naturally, I snagged one..oh, and it cost ONE DOLLAR. Just stop. I’ll let you know if it end ups staying on the favorites list.


SO, what are you guys loving lately??? Tell me!



9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    • I swear the more and more we talk the more and more I feel the same!!!!! You know how they say “everyone has a twin” we may not look it, but were each other’s twins lol

  1. For real! And of course the Ben and Jerry’s love affair goes without saying. I have a new ice cream indulgence you might like. Santa husband bought me a holiday sampler as one of my presents. Jeni’s ice cream. It’s AMAZING! Dark chocolate mint, Queen City cayenne, whiskey pecan, Thai peanut coconut, le sigh. Such yums.
    I’m doing sparkly Ulta nails. And bought roasted garlic hummus on Saturday! With actual cloves of roasted garlic!! Fresh no preservative pitas all from a Lebanese shop.
    This is why I love reading your posts. You live in my head.

    • That garlic hummus sounds AMAAAAZEEE chunks of garlic?! Ugh I think I need to recreate that! Really good, fresh pita/Lebanese type flat breads are the BEST like when they’re good aren’t they just so incredible?!?! There’s an awesome Lebanese restaurant by us and I could skip dinner and just devour that bread and hummus. Love the sparkly ulta nails!!! OMG Jenis …yup. They used to have it at the restaurant I used to work at it’s insane how good it is. I wish there was a Jenis shop near me!! The sweet potato w roasted marshmallows is insaaaannnnnee …I think YOU live in MY head!

      Ps – Santa Husband lol, I’m totally stealing that

  2. Yes ma’am. You can both sauces and gravel online. Type sauce or gravel on the search bar. Never had either but definitely need them in my life. I’m ready to drop about $500 on an order. Tell my 5 lb in a week weight gain NO!
    I need this and this
    Chocolate ice cream macaroon sandwich? Are you kidding me? Banana French Toast! I think I’m getting blueteeth like a guy gets… well, ya know.

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