Weekend Things

This weekend was nothing special or crazy; we didn’t do much of anything, actually. Doesn’t it seem like those types of weekends are always the best ones? Although I’m always up for going out, especially on the weekends, I also enjoy quiet, relaxing weekends like this past one. We turned the clocks ahead this weekend and I swear I could sense Spring in the air all day on Sunday, despite the fact that it was still a bit chilly. 



A few weeks ago my husband had the worst chest cold, this weekend my suffering began. These two have been by my side since Saturday morning and they’ve helped tremendously. Saturday morning I taught two classes, a cycle+core combo and a 110 minute endurance ride for my triathlon club members. I’m amazed my voice made it through and I know I have Mucinex to thank for that! Much coconut water was consumed during and after as I always try to keep as hydrated as possible when I feel myself getting sick.



Saturday night we decided to stay in and RELAX! That was fine by me as I was exhausted from my busy morning (that continued into a busy afternoon!). By the time I had refueled, showered and cleaned up it a little after 4pm and relaxing on the couch with some [tar, tobacco & nicotine free] hookah was exactly what I needed.



Since we were turning the clocks ahead anyway I made the executive decision that 4pm was really FIVE O’CLOCK so I decided to give this Shock Top a try! Holy moly…it is SO GOOD! It was so similar to the Summer Shandys that I love except instead of lemonade it tasted like a sparkling apple cider! It was actually quite reminiscent of biting into a perfectly juicy, ripe honey crisp! I will definitely be stocking up on these guys come October; it makes the PERFECT fall drink!



Saturday afternoon was also spent doing some Easter “decorating”….



I use the term “decorating” very loosely. How do you guys decorate for Spring and Easter without making your place look cheesy? I’m thinking some bright colored fake flowers here and there would be nice but what else, other than kitchsy little baby-animals-perched-on-a-cupcake-candy-jars, could I put out to decorate for this season?? Haaalp me….



Sunday morning I definitely felt the loss of that extra hour, hence the sunglasses. It probably wouldn’t have affected me so bad had I not had to wake up at 6:30 (really 5:30) AM for work! I taught two more cycle classes early Sunday morning. After a quick refuel at the Whole Foods hot bar [& Dunkin Donuts, of course], I headed home to quickly rinse off, change and head to job #2 with my husband. I coach for a local university and wanted to drop by to meet some prospective students and do a bit of recruiting. I’m glad Dan joined me because we ended up having such a fun, spur of the moment Sunday afternoon! It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we drove all over upper Westchester scoping out different neighborhoods and looking at the scenery and frozen lakes. 



By the time we made it back down to our area we were both pretty hungry so we dropped into our favorite little neighborhood spot for a snack. I NEVER get sick of this place, constantly delicious and SO cute!



We split some cilantro hummus (so creamy and fresh!) with crudite, a perfectly seasoned, refreshing Jerusalem Salad and a small plate of mixed house-made pickles. We also both ordered a Diet Coke with lemon for a little pick me up.

The rest of our Sunday was spent relaxing, reading, vegging out and watching some trashy reality TV. We did the laundry, cooked our meals for the week and took a short evening walk to pick up some dinner. The Mucinex started wearing off around 7pm and I found myself completely shot. I really enjoyed the longer stretch of daylight but as soon as that sun went down, I crawled into bed. It was an early night but I desperately needed the rest! 

Hope you all had a great weekend, I’d love to hear about it!



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