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It’s been a minute! I’ve been a bit busier than usual with work…lots going on & that’s a good thing! I totally missed my Friday sad. However, it just means I’ll have that many more favorites for this week! I just wanted to pop in and share some photos from the past week-ish. Of course the one thing I REALLY wanted to share…I don’t have a shot of. Womp. A description will have to do.

It was a burger.

Not just any burger. This was hands down the most creative burger I’ve ever eaten, also one of the most delicious! It was a beef burger with….cinnamon apple fritters (yes…fried, warm, oozy apples with the perfect hint of cinnamon), cheddar cheese…aaaaanndddd……this needs its own line….


On mah burger. Yup yup. 

Before you judge, like my husband did when I ordered it, just imagine how incredible apples dipped in peanut butter are. Think about how some meats just taste really delicious with a hint of warm cinnamon. Think about how fantastic so many sweet & salty and sweet & savory combinations there are out there (I’m looking at you, chocolate covered pretzel). Also, I’ve never had this but it’s quite popular and I’ve heard about it a lot–cheddar cheese on apple pie. Trust me, it’s a thing. So is a broiled cheese covered slice of banana bread (that I’ve had…don’t you dare knock it till you try it). Anyway, pair that all up with a buttery, toasted, homemade brioche bun. Stop it, just stop. I’ve already warned my husband to prepare for the secondhand embarrassment that may ensue when I start slathering Skippy all over my burger at every BBQ we attend this summer. No joke, I will carry a jar of peanut butter in my bag exactly for that purpose. Now, if only I could transport warm, cinnamony, crisp on the outside yet decadently soft and oozy on the inside, fresh, fried apples. This is certainly a burger that I NEED to try and recreate at home. Like, it NEEDS to happen, I don’t think anyone can understand how badly. 

Oh, since we were indulging in these ridiculous burgers anyway we decided to go all out. We started with an insanely rich Mac & Cheese and with our burgers we ordered onion rings AND chili fries, ‘cuz…Saturday

Can I eat a peanut butter, cinnamon apple cheddar burger every day? Forever and ever? And have a six pack along with that? Pretty please? That’s all I want from life. 

Anyway, apparently this week was fried food fatty week for me because on Thursday night at around 10pm THIS happened:



So unnecessary, but, necessary because, well, cheese. Mind you, all of this happened while under the influence of these:



You better believe I had a real fun time teaching an early morning cycle class that Friday! It’s really time for me to grow up and stop going out on school week nights because, honestly, I never want to worry about whether or not I’m going to vomit and fall off of a stationary bike in front of nearly 40 people EVER AGAIN. How did I survive college?



Fortunately I was able to clean up my act by Saturday and get all prettied up for our burger date. I LOVE this off the shoulder top from Free People. I purchased it from Lord & Taylor about two years ago and I wear it constantly from spring through fall! I’ve even worn it over a bikini. It’s very lightweight and somewhat sheer; I had a blue floral bandeau under it but it’s hard to see in this lighting. My jeans are from Hollister, boots from Miz Mooz via Nordstrom and my belt is by Michael Kors. 



What really made the outfit were the accessories (as always)! I’ve had that turquoise cuff forever, I believe it was a gift?? The necklace was a gift from my husband and he purchased it from one of the vendors at the Christmas market set up in Grand Central around the holiday season. That ear cuff is my current obsession and it was $1.75 from Charlotte Russe. When I try out trendy things I always buy the cheapest version to test run. Usually trendy items are a one or two time wear thing so I hate shelling out an exorbitant amount of money for them. If they seem like something I’ll want to wear over and over, then I’ll invest in a quality version. I really love this ear cuff so if I find a nicer version of one I’ll most likely get it. 



This was from my friend after my Sunday morning CycleSculpt class and it literally made my whole day. I was especially touched that she felt like the class provided a positive environment. My favorite part about teaching/training is making my riders and clients feel happy, inspired and motivated! I love when I see them smile especially after they’ve worked so hard and pushed to their limit.



This is the wine my husband and I tried and fell completely in love with when we went out for Valentine’s Day. It’s an Amarone and it’s by Zeni. We got a case and I’m telling you, I could live off this wine, it literally tastes like velvet. So amazing. Don’t you love my cheesy little spring daisy wine charm? Dan makes fun of me for my ridiculous wine charm collection but I adore them so much; they never fail to make me happy! 



I will end this post on this INCREDIBLE treat that I look forward to EVERY SINGLE YEAR, ever since I was a little kid!! Seriously though, what in the world beats a Shamrock Shake? Even Dan sucked one down this year and he “hates mint in things”, especially in dessert things. Hmph. There you go. 

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day!! If you didn’t have your Shamrock Shake yet, get on it! Before it’s gone!



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