Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend!! This week actually seemed to FLY by! I am not complaining because sometimes they just draaag and by Wednesday I’m already yearning for Saturday morning. I was fairly busy this week though and have been working on something new with another instructor at my cycling studio. It’s been a lot of fun and very educational so it’s kept me busy while also giving me something to work on and new techniques to learn. It’s been quite a while since I’ve really felt busy. I’ve mentioned before that I graduated school, began a transition into a new career and got married ALL AT ONCE and the transition hasn’t necessarily been the easiest thing. Also, school assignments, class time, internship hours, wedding planning, and working a part time job all at once kept me very busy. There was a lot on my plate but I’ve realized (now that my plate has cleared up substantially) that I actually thrive on a busy schedule! As much as I love training, teaching and coaching there is one downside and that is the scattered chunks of free time. A lot of people may think I’m crazy for saying that, several months ago I would have included myself among them. Now I’ve realized that the down time actually leaves me fairly bored and unmotivated. This had really become quite problematic as I pretty much imploded and became very self absorbed. Fortunately my husband pointed out my change in behavior (which had really affected the dynamics of our marriage) and now that I’m aware of it I’m trying to keep myself occupied and climb out of this hole. This week has been the start of the “new me”, which is really just me trying to get back to the old me..if that makes sense? SO, coming full circle here, that’s why I’ve been enjoying a new project. It’s helped me regain that sense of motivation and given me something new to spend my time on. 

ANYWAY, now that I’ve rambled on about my problems let’s switch gears to something a little more positive and talk about fun things, like food! Naturally. 



Before even getting into this can I just say that I tried the new Oreos? I tried both the Krispie Treat golden Oreos and the Cookie Dough chocolate Oreos…and……well, there’s a reason they’re not on my favorites post. That doesn’t mean they’re not good, they are. However, they just didn’t blow me away like the birthday cake Oreos did. Those are hands down my favorite of all the flavored Oreos. Birthday cake for liiiiiife. BTW, I did enjoy the Krispie Treat flavor better than the Cookie Dough, I think it was just a texture thing though.

1. Ok, first off on this favorite list is Gummy Bears. I’ve loved them since forever BUT I recently heard about a new-to-me way to eat them and I was blown away. Just when I thought there was nothing better than a Pinnacle Whipped Vodka soaked Gummy Bear I read about frozen Gummy Bears. Oh my goodness. Don’t think about those nasty little mini Gummy Bears (that are already pretty hard anyway) you put on your Froyo from the toppings bar which turn into solid little rocks when you eat them. Just take a good quality bag of soft little Gummy Bears, put them in the freezer, wait a day, open up the bag and try them, straight from freezer to mouth. Trust me. Well, I’m also a freak who enjoys many odd things straight from the freezer (most fruit, cookies, frosting, cake, muffins, Greek yogurt, most candy, chocolate, protein bars, etc.), so if you’re on board with that too then, yea…try this. 

2. McDonald’s iced coffee. I KNOW. Totally cheating on my beloved Dunkin but ONLY because, for whatever reason, any sized iced coffee is only ONE dollar at McDonald’s and there is one conveniently on the route to my job. I buy coffee every day, sometimes twice a day and this is less than half the price of what I pay at Dunkin so I’m saving a considerable amount of money, it’s hard to beat! Who can turn down iced coffee for a BUCK? Not me.

3. This Isopure stuff! Honestly, I’m not really sure what it is. They’ve taken whey isolate and made it into this super delicious coconut water thing and it’s insanely refreshing after a workout especially now that it’s getting warmer out! I cannot get enough of this stuff, and that’s saying a lot because you know how much I adore my thick, icy protein powder shakes. Plus, I’m not the biggest fan of drinking my calories. I don’t know, man, this stuff is gooooood.

4. Finally, short list today, is more coffee. It’s an addiction, what can I say. We only recently were blessed with addition of The Fresh Market to our area and I cannot get enough of their bulk bin coffee! They have giant barrels of coffee beans in every flavor imaginable. So you fill up a bag with as much or as little beans as you want and then you can either grind it there in the store or take the full bean home and grind at your conveniance. I’ve tried nearly every flavor but somehow in the past two or three years I’ve been buying bulk coffee from here I somehow always missed the Coconut flavor! Until recently. OH MY GOSH. It literally tastes like a sweet, rich coconut truffle!! It isn’t bitter at all and it doesn’t even have a hint of that artificial, this-kinda-tastes-like-sunscreen taste that many coconut flavored products unfortunately have. This tastes like the perfect blend of rich, pure coconut and scrumptious fresh coffee. It is so amazingly delicious. I mean, I kind of want to just go in the store and buy the whole barrel…just wheel it out and go home with a giant barrel of Coconut coffee beans. ‘Cuz that’s not weird at all. 


Hope everyone has a great weekend!! To all my friends in the Northeast, enjoy this long awaited beautiful warm weather & HAPPY SPRING!!!!



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