Friday Favorites

Yet another week that has flown by!! I’m down to the wire now with just three weeks left until my vacation!! Now these will probably drag due to my anticipation of being back on the soft, pale sands of South Beach! Anyway, let’s discuss some smile-inducing things, shall we?


1. First things first, Dunkin Donuts (my favorite place in the world…judge away) is coming out with a PEEP DONUT. I’m not sure how to convey just how strong my love for Peeps is here, which is why I included this Facebook conversation I had with my mother. She’s the one who not only informed me of this outrageously amazing donut (that should really be a year-round staple, if you ask me) but presented me with about five billion coupons for free ones. Ok, so she only had 12 coupons, but still, that’s a lot of coupons so I’d say five billion is a comparable number. Besides, PEEPS ON A DONUT. Peeps!

2. Moving up are those weird little colorful clip things, and don’t worry, they’re not for my hair. They are for adhering your beach towel to your beach chair!! Genius, no? I love the random little gadgets found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. That store convinces me to buy all the things I never knew existed but then somehow feel like I’ll never be able to live without. Like these neon fish beach towel clips. If I hadn’t bought them all that would happen would be me sitting in my beach chair with my towel blowing onto my face as I curse myself out for NOT BUYING THOSE DAMN FISHY CLIPS. Let me tell you, those clips are STRONG. A solid $5.00 investment, I must say.

3. Yes, more towels and more summer crap. Ask my husband how I feel about kitchen towels and he will promptly begin his rant about how RIDICULOUS they are and how much space my abundant collection unnecessarily takes up. He’d be perfectly content with the same yellow towel he’s had since he moved into this apartment sitting in the kitchen year round. Um…yeah, no. I’m sorry but nothing sets the tone for the season like a festive kitchen towel! Target is usually the place to go for adorable and affordable towels but these understatedly nautical, seaside towels are from Paper Source. Another store that is like a black hole for my wallet. These are the only two towels that Dan may like almost as much as I do. My husband has a thing for octopuses, we all have our weird favorite animal, right? Or is that just us? Our apartment is filled with pigs & octopuses. Because that’s not weird, right?



4. We all know I love me some candles. The day I bought those clips from Bed, Bath & Beyond I was actually in the store with the main purpose of trying to find the Peep-scented Yankee Candle. Shocking, right? And, yes, I know…I can totally just buy it online. I think I may just enjoy the hunt… Anyway, the elusive candle of my dreams was nowhere to be found. However, that beautiful, colorful, delicious smelling corner of shelves upon shelves of candles immediately sucked me in and there was no way I was walking away empty handed. They had so many new beachy scented candles in anticipation for summer and really, who am I to turn down a beachy, summery candle? Not like my apartment isn’t already filled with them anyway… I really wanted to grab another Pink Sands candle since it’s one of my favorites but then I saw this one, Golden Sands and after one whiff I had to have it. Like any Yankee Candle the scent is strong and lasting! The smaller candle next to it is actually a Glade candle and believe it or not, these little $5.00 grocery store candles are incredibly strong!! This one is Cashmere Woods and it smells both fresh and warm at the same time, if that makes sense? It kind of reminds me of a really sexy men’s cologne. Ugh..I love it. I also have the Glade candle in Hawaiian Breeze and that one is also fabulous!


Before I go, I want to leave you with a leeeettle preview of what’s coming to the blog this weekend:



Stay tuned! And have a great Friday!




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