Weekend Things

Yes, I know it’s already Wednesday. The middle of the week is when I start to feel amped up for the weekend. There are only two days left and Thursday isn’t so bad thanks to the anticipation of Friday that comes along with it. Friday is actually my busiest day of the week so it flies by, then BOOM-Saturday morning. Ahhh….

I’m hoping this weekend is as much fun as last weekend was so I decided to drop in and share some highlights.


[ Doesn’t this make you happy just to look at? Hello, the colors! In case you were wondering, this is what the lovely combination of a good wine buzz and PMS look like. It’s ok though, it’s froyo. We all know that froyo is healthy, no matter how many cookies, mochis and chopped up candy bars we throw on top of it, right? I mean, if that stuff wasn’t healthy it wouldn’t be at the VIRTUOUS YOGURT SHOP right? Right?? BTW, under all that crap goodness is a heaping serving of both Taro & Wedding Cake flavor, the latter was OMG. ]


[ Catalyst of said froyo craving. ]


[ Leather pants + sheer black button down + minimal accessories + show stealing red pumps. OOTN Saturday night for dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Growing up he always wore a pink shirt on my birthday since it was my favorite color so I decided to wear all black and dress in his favorite color for his birthday. ]


[ Pre-dinner selfies. So unnecessary yet completely necessary. ]


[ Some birthday lovin’. ]


[ It wouldn’t be a celebration without these friendly faces. ]


[ Here’s our whole gang celebrating the big guy! ]


[ The best snack, but really I was obsessed with that lil’ baby strawberry attached to the long vine! Dan was thoroughly creeped out but I thought it was adorable. ]


[ Speaking of adorable…these are sugar plums! Dan and I saw them at the little produce market on our block and were intrigued by the itty bitty fruit, or giant lone grapes (which was his initial assumption). When I saw that they were actually “Sugar Plums” I turned to Dan and said, “OMG! Like from The Nutcracker! I always wondered what that was and if it was a real thing!”. He stared at me all confused, I thought due to my ignorance of thinking the fruit was actually made up. Nope, he missed the whole reference. So, I tried to clarify for him saying, “You know, like the Sugar Plum fairy?“. He popped the whole plum in his mouth, shook his head and walked off. I stayed behind and took its portrait. Yup. ]


[ Finally here is something that needs no clarification at all and is obscenely adorable. The Peep Donut from Dunkin Donuts. Oh my gosh, I can’t even stand it. ]


Enjoy the rest of your week!



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