Peep Inspired Easter Treats

Easter is one of my favorite holidays (aside from my beloved Halloween). I love everything about it from the deep, wonderful meaning behind it to the pastel colored eggs, bunny shaped chocolate and little girls going to church decked out in bonnets and frilly dresses. 


Also, not surprisingly, I love Peeps. After all, holidays are really about the food, right? Easter is a bit different than the winter holidays when it comes to the grub. Around Christmas season we pretty much go all out with the decadence, think cookies, hot chocolate, breakfast, brunch and dinner (all at once..) plus the myriad of festive cocktails on top of that. Whew, I’m full just thinking about it. Easter is a little different, a little…lighter. The holiday kicks off the spring and warmer months and while I’ve certainly had my share of Easter dinners, Easter brunches have been more of a standard. If not brunch, at least an early dinner. Even the Peep is a fairly light treat in comparison to a dense, rich, buttery Christmas cookie. 

Therein lies the challenge for someone like me who loves to cook and bake in decadent abundance. I like to make something fun, festive and delicious but not something too heavy to devour one (or ten..) servings of before noon. I’ve found that the little Peep is festive and light enough to make some great Easter treats. I wanted to share some fun treats I’ve made for Easters past along with a little link up of fun, Peep-inspired treats I’ve been inspired by and hope to make in the future. Enjoy!


Peep Inspired Easter Treats

1. Resurrection Rolls with a Peep


I originally saw the idea for Resurrection Rolls here via Pinterest. I thought it was the cutest thing and so appropriate for Easter! Considering that most Easter treats are more reflective of Spring time (bunnies, chicks, eggs, etc.) I was immediately intrigued by a food that captured the true meaning of Easter. You bake the marshmallow inside a crescent roll and in the oven the marshmallow melts so you’re left with a hollowed out, empty roll which is supposed to resemble Jesus’ empty tomb on Easter morning. Definitely a fun baking project to do with kids and a great way to teach them the story of Easter! I decided to take it up a notch and use a pretty, colorful Peep instead of a plain marshmallow. I scoured Pinterest to find that plenty of others had the same idea and that it worked beautifully! These were incredibly easy to make and the presentation speaks for itself. I serve these before the meal to snack on or even to have with salad. They’re slightly sweet but no more so than braided Easter bread. 

2. Peep Cake


I originally saw this recipe in the Food Network magazine and knew I HAD to make it! You bake the cake layers in oven safe bowls to create the head of the peep. The bottom layer is baked in a square pan and you cut the corners off and reattach them to the head with skewers to create the “beak”. In all honesty, it was a bit laborious but I enjoyed sculpted and building the cake. A good tip is to make the cake early and freeze it so you’re working with much more sturdy pieces. I used a boxed mix for this which added to the ease of it all. The frosting is a simple egg white meringue frosting with a bit of almond and vanilla extracts which magically tastes just like marshmallow. The sugar sprinkled over the cake delivers that iconic Peep taste. At the very least, it’s incredibly impressive!


Of course, I decorated it with real Peeps because….I can’t stop.

3. Cake Filled Eggs


Yes, that is real egg shell filled with Funfetti cake & vanilla frosting. I KNOW. My mom and I made these last year after finding the recipe and directions on Pinterest. Not only are they INSANELY adorable (your friends and family will praise you as the Baking Goddess you are after creating these!) but they’re so small that you won’t feel like you have to pass up cake after a big meal! Once again, a bit of work is involved with these but so, so, so worth it.

4. Strawberry Surprise Spring Cupcakes


Made from a box mix, these are probably the easiest “impressive” cupcakes ever. I baked up a batch of cupcakes using the Duncan Hines Strawberry Flavor box mix, baked according to directions. When they were cooled I cored out and removed a chunk of the center of the cupcake with a serrated knife. Then I popped a small, whole, hulled strawberry right into the cupcake. To keep it simple I even used canned frosting. This was the Pillsberry Key Lime flavored frosting and it was pretty mint green shade (you know I LOVE pink and mint together in the spring!). I piped the frosting over the top of the cupcake and exposed strawberry and sprinkled them with pastel, spring themed sprinkled. I placed all the cupcakes in those festive, flower petal liners (after I baked them!) that I purchased from a craft store. These looked so adorable sitting on our Easter brunch table that no one wanted to eat them! Of course we did, though. Can’t go wrong with edible decorations!


Here are some other great treats I’ve seen floating around the internets:


5. Peeps Candy Bars I LOVE this idea! Great way to utilize a variety of pretty Easter candy AND it calls for a simple box mix! Plus, it’s easily customizable as you can use any flavor cake mix and any color Peep.

6. White Chocolate Dipped Peeps Talk about EASY! As far as presentation goes, these couldn’t be cuter. I may even make some to put in my husband’s Easter basket.

7. Peep Sunflower Cake I’m pretty sure that this is the cake I will be making this year. It’s so gorgeous and it really elevates the Peeps. It’s the one Peep dessert that doesn’t look overly kiddish.

8. Peep S’mores I’ve made these before and they’re the perfect treat to wind down your Easter Sunday night with! The sugar coating on the Peep adds a welcome surprise texture to the original S’mores!

9. Chocolate Peep Cupcake These remind me of the Sunflower Cake. I love how these also elevate the Peep and make for an elegant, classy little cupcake.

10. Peep Bird’s Nest Krispie Treat HOW springy are these?! These are most likely going to be my other must make treat this year. I cannot even stand the cuteness.

11. Peep Rice Krispie Pie So easy, so impressive! You could also make this with a giant chocolate chip cookie pie instead of a rice krispie treat! If you have children, this would be a great Easter dessert. I know I would have LOVED this as a kid.

12. Peep Filled Chocolate Eggs Using a simple chocolate mold makes these impressive desserts super easy! How cute would this be as a table setting?! My mother-in-law always leaves a dark chocolate bunny in front of everyone’s plate at Easter. When it’s my turn to host Easter brunch I’m going to leave one of these adorable little chocolate surprises on my guests’ plates! 


Happy Baking! If you have any Peep recipes or Peep treats that you love PLEASE share in the comments! 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Peep Inspired Easter Treats

    • Thank you so much!!! Girl, get yourself to the store and pick up some peeps!!! If you like birthday cake flavor the Party Cake Peeps are amazing! I wish I could virtually send you one xoxo

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