Miami Recap Part 2: Beach Style

My favorite kind of vacations are the ones that revolve around laying in the sand and basking in the sun. 


Fortunately, that’s exactly what my husband and I did this past week. One of my favorite things about Miami is that beachwear is a completely acceptable clothing option even when you’re not on the beach. I love easy styles that can be worn on and off the sand; the less clothing the better! Here in NY, even if it’s a beach day and I’m living in a bikini I still feel the need to get fully dressed if I want to grab a quick lunch or do…basically anything off the sand. It’s such a shame to me. I live for that free feeling, laid back lifestyle were less is more and a good tan can qualify as a good outfit. 😉

Here are some of my favorite beach looks from the trip and a super cute, easy DIY beach style tutorial! Enjoy!



Cute, Easy Beach Style

The Essentials:




1. A multi-way coverup. Dan gave me this dress for Christmas and obsessed doesn’t even scratch the surface for how I feel about it! It’s lightweight and breezy and effortlessly gorgeous! It’s the perfect piece for a vacation because you can wear it multiple ways. On a cooler night or daytime shopping trip it’s great as a flowy top paired with skinny jeans and strappy sandals, or even a flared cut for a real laid back, boho look! I wore this top two ways: as a pretty bikini coverup, as in this photo and as a dress with wedges and a pendant necklace out to dinner. It is SO easy to dress up or down. I love a versatile piece like this when traveling!

2. Super cute, embellished flip flops! Flip flops are the EASIEST things to slip on and off with a bikini but sometimes it’s nice to have a leeetle more than the standard rubber thong. I especially love turquoise beading because few things are pretty than the combination of a rich turquoise blue and tan skin. 

3. When I do wear rubber flippys I tend to stick with more unique, detailed ones like these embellished, circle sandals from Sanuk. The unique shape and subtle sparkle alone are enough to dress up a bikini. Everytime I wear these, they get noticed and complimented and I think it’s because they’re just so different. Everything from Sanuk seems to have that eye-catching vibe, definitely a rad company. Oh and a bright, punchy poncho coverup, like this one from Vix doesn’t hurt!

4. CONFIDENCE!!! No matter WHAT you wear to the beach it will only look as good as your confidence in it shows! Before you throw on that bikini think of something about yourself that you really, really love. Get into that positive mindset and accentuate the parts of your body that make you happy! No matter what shape, size, color, height, etc., the most beautiful thing on the beach is a HAPPY chick who’s enjoying herself and feeling GREAT! I’ll never forget going to the beach with a friend one summer and sitting in our chairs complaining about our figures. There we were breaking ourselves apart, engaging in petty negative self talk when suddenly she said, “you know what? Here we are bitching when I guarantee there are people out there looking at us right now thinking we’re absolutely crazy and wishing they looked like us. While we’re sitting here taking it for granted. I really don’t have anything to complain about, I’m happy”. I was BLOWN AWAY by her carefree attitude and innate confidence. Also, she was right. We are all beautiful and while we all want something someone else may have, there is always someone out there who wants something YOU have!! Embrace all of what you are and have fun. This winter was tough for me, my activity level dropped, I didn’t watch what I ate (at all), gained some weight and honestly went on this trip feeling really down on myself. The first day on the beach when I saw my reflection in my husband’s sunglasses I didn’t even recognize myself. I knew my body wasn’t going to magically change overnight so I had two options: have a miserable week where I felt depressed and hated on myself, or embrace the vacation for what it was–a GOOD time and forget about my appearance, focus on having fun with my husband, relaxing and try to make healthy choices during the trip (i.e., not overindulge too much, pass on that sixth cocktail, enjoy some morning exercise, like a run on the beach..etc.). I won’t lie and say it was the easiest thing but I did focus on trying to stay positive and I snapped this bikini shot on my last day because regardless of how defined or not my abs were I felt beautiful from the inside. I had just enjoyed a great week with my husband, the sun was shining on my skin and I was with a man who made me feel loved and beautiful no matter how many bad thoughts fluttered through my own head. 


Beach Workout 


Now this is my heaven! The best thing about a beach vacation is knowing that all you need to pack for your workout is a pair of sneakers. And a good sports bra. Nothing gets my endorphins going quite like a sunny, early morning jog across the sand! The sand is an uneven surface which is great for your core as your abs must engage to stabilize you. On the downside, there is a lot of bouncing involved due to the unsteady surface which may not be so great if you’re a well endowed lady. This sports bra from Victoria’s Secret is AMAZING for all the busty girls who love to run! It’s shaped to mold to your chest with soft yet sturdy padding (there will be NO headlights in this bra!!) and best of all it has an underwire!!!! It’s literally the best, best, BEST sports bra!! It’s not cheap but 100% worth it. Also, I purchased this one during the semi-annual sale and got two for the price of one! The next semi-annual is only a month or so away! My sneakers are Asics and they’re the same style running shoe I’ve been wearing since high school (I buy a new pair every 300 miles or so). They’re ideal for those who like a bit of cushion, a lot of ankle support and have a moderate arch. 


Denim and Aloha Print


I know sometimes when you see people on the beach or on vacation decked out in hawaiian tops and Tommy Bahama shorts it’s a total eye roll, but I can’t help but embrace the trend. The way to make it not look super cheesy or scream, “I’m a tourist on vacation!” is to pair it with something unexpected, like a chambray top (or denim button down). The casualness of the denim top tones down the vibrant aloha print of the bikini and creates more of a relaxed, beachy vibe that hints more at “I’m a local” rather than “I’m only here till Sunday!”. 


Ponchos, Ponchos, Ponchos!


I ADORE ponchos for beach days! They’re almost too easy. Plus, they can look as dressed up or laid back as you want depending on the design and color (think pale neutrals, sweater material, bedazzled?!). In Miami I just wore the poncho over my bikini as is, with the bikini booty popping out and some flippys. In NY I wear ponchos over a pair of denim cut offs…


Beachy Bright DIY Cut Offs


Few things in life make me happier than a fun, worn in, I-could-wear-these-24-7 pair of denim cut offs!! I wear them to the beach, during the day with a casual t-shirt or out at night dressed up with heels and a cute top. I have way too many pairs and all of them started off as regular, long jeans. All my denim cut offs are special to me because I made them myself. I only have one pair of denim shorts that I actually purchased as shorts and that’s because they had sequined peek-a-boo pockets that I simply couldn’t resist. I saw this tutorial for DIY cut offs on Goldfish Kiss and knew it was a project I HAD to take on. I ombre’d the bandana before I sewed it onto the shorts but I skipped ombre’ing the denim because it already had a nice, faded worn in look that I enjoyed. My favorite part of these shorts is the pop of neon. I probably wouldn’t wear this particular pair out at night because the bandana and colors scream casual beach bum but they are the PERFECT day time short or beach cover up. Love, love LOVE!


What is your favorite thing to wear to the beach?? 



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