Miami Recap Part 3: Dinners & OOTN

Well, here is my final installment of reliving my vacation! I’m sorry if it’s been boring as I’ve dragged this out. It’s been nice to reminisce and document what was really such a wonderful, relaxing week. This last post is my favorite because it’s combining two of my favorite things–great restaurants and clothes! 

After we booked this trip, Dan and I both did our homework and scoped out the best restaurants we could find. I have to say, we hit it out of the park, we had an entire week of absolutely outstanding dinners! Each night it seemed like the restaurants got better and better and it seemed nearly impossible to choose a favorite. One thing we did agree on was that the best bite we had were the chorizo stuffed dates from The Rouge. If I could, I would live off those. So, starting from the first night, let’s get to it!


Miami Recap : Dinners & OOTN

1. Showing Some Skin at The Bazaar


loved this outfit! These yellow pumps are one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I love wearing them with an otherwise neutral outfit. Against black and white, though, they add a pop like nothing else! The shoes are from Aldo, but if you search “yellow pointed toe pumps” in Google, tons of other pairs will come up for less than half the price! The plunging top is from Forever21. I had been wanting a deep plunge, long sleeve top for a while but couldn’t find one that was just right (most were way too revealing and/or tight). I found this one and it was perfect, but it only came in a size large, but it was under $12 so I bought it anyway and got it tailored to fit me. Best decision ever, this top is now one of my favorites! Of course, some double stick tape and Nippies are essential here. 


We went to The Bazaar on our first night, after a morning of traveling and a day spent on the beach where we really didn’t eat much at all. When we got there we were famished, which turned out to be a good thing because we were able to linger over a nice, long meal, sampling a little of everything. The Bazaar is a tapas style restaurant, where everything comes in small shareable plates and ordering numerous dishes is encouraged. Every item we selected was carefully and meticulously prepared, not one bite disappointed! Every time we thought we had ordered our “last round” it ended up being so good that we had to take a look at the menu and go for something else! Fortunately the dishes were just small enough to leave us satisfied but not overly stuffed (clearly, since as you can see we didn’t turn down dessert–that bottom right photo is our “deconstructed tres leches cake”. It was good, but I definitely prefer the old fashioned regular style tres leches better). 


2. A Breezy Maxi at Cecconi’s 


Dan was the one who found The Bazaar, but I found Cecconi’s! As soon as I walked back into this outrageously GORGEOUS outdoor garden dining room decorated with nothing but abundant vines and twinkle lights I knew we were in for a delightful night. The food did not disappoint but the drinks were REALLY where it was at here! Don’t get me wrong, the food was great here but it was an Italian restaurant and I live in NY, I’m married to an Italian, I have a lot of Italian friends…let’s just say it’s hard to impress me when it comes to Italian cuisine away from home. Dan and I usually don’t even go to Italian spots on vacation but the atmosphere of Cecconi’s lured us in. You know what though, I’d go back in a heart beat! That spicy margarita was the spiciest marg’ I’ve ever had in the best way possible!


This maxi is from Swell and not only is it strikingly beautiful (I’m a sucker for ANYTHING ombre) but it’s ridiculously comfortable! The colors and detail of this dress speak for themselves so it didn’t need much in terms of accessories. It’s completely open up top in both the front and back so I added a multi strand but delicate necklace but when I wear this dress again, I’ll probably skip it. 



Pretty, yet simple sequined flat sandals were the perfect shoe. A slight pop of sparkle, but not enough to take away from the dress.



3. Boho Sweet at Hakkasan

Hakkasan was the second restaurant I found after hearing and reading stellar reviews. I was a little hesitant because it was in a hotel but once you got inside you never would have known it was part of a hotel! It’s no wonder this place has won all the awards it has, our meal was nothing short of perfection. I said it was a tough decision, but if I absolutely had to choose, Hakkasan wins my vote for favorite restaurant of the week. 


We started with the quail wings and dim sum platter which was melt-in-your-mouth-burst-of-flavor incredible! For dinner we split a noodle dish, coconut prawns and orange chicken. The table next to us was sampling a bit of everything and Dan could not take his eyes off their order of ribs. The menu is quite extensive so it’s definitely a must return next time we’re in Miami!


This is the same dress from my beach post. I told you it was versatile!! A simple pair of wedges and pendant necklace and, BOOM, nighttime ready!! The comfort of this dress is beyond words. I have a feeling I will be living in this piece all summer…


6. Hi Lo at Meat Market

This spot was a mutual decision although Dan discovered it initially. The last time we went to Miami, Dan found this restaurant and we enjoyed it so much that we knew we had to return. 


It’s a steakhouse and no matter what you get, you’re having a phenomenal meal with great, filling portions! This top is also from and I love the fun of the hi lo cut! Of course, I’m also a sucker for skull details. I tried to keep it a bit edgy by pairing this outfit with my favorite black Steve Madden zip up booties.


5. Comfy Casual at The Rogue

This spot was another one of Dan’s selections. It seemed like a little hole in the wall place but once you walked through the restaurant and into the back garden area you’re amazed! The hidden outdoor area just transports you. It’s so cozy and insanely romantic. They even have an outdoor fireplace! If Dan was forced to choose, he said this restaurant was his favorite. While it wasn’t my favorite I did have my favorite bite of food here! Those dates were simply unbelievable. They must have been roasted in an open flame oven until perfectly caramelized because the sweetness of the date was overwhelming in the best way possible. I could live off them, all day, every day. I also enjoyed out appetizer which was an escargot quiche topped with a pea shoot salad. Unreal. 


I knew this spot was much more low key than the other restaurants we’d been to so I chose to keep my outfit casual. I paired a loose, off the shoulder sweater with denim shorts and embellished sandals. I love this sweater because the back is a giant bow! So incredibly girly and feminine! 



6. Grecian at The Forge

The Forge was one of my finds and I am IN LOVE!! I wish this place was in NY because I would love to celebrate all of my birthdays here!! Such a fun place, outrageous decor and fantastic food! My favorite part about this restaurant was actually the BREAD BASKET (of all things, I know) and the dessert shooters! This bread basket was ridiculous. There were these cinnamon raisin crisp toasts that tasted like my childhood, Macadami rolls, which were basically sweet brioche rolls filled with a abundance of full mac nuts (my favorite nut!) and soft, pillowy, flavorful foccacia. I really didn’t even need dinner, I would have left perfectly satisfied eating nothing but the bread basket, which is basically what we did considering we had them refill it….


The dessert shooters, though. Stop. If anyone knows of a place in NY or the tristate area with dessert shooters similar to these PLEASE, for the love of all things holy comment below and tell me where they are!!!!! I need these in my life again!!! Dan got the Apple Pie Shooter which was literally a liquid apple pie. The rim was dipped in caramel and graham cracker crumbs and topped with an apple slice. I got the S’Mores Shooter (by the way, if you know either of us at all, our choices of flavors should come as no surprise) which was a heavenly liquid S’Mores. The glass was drizzled with chocolate then the rim was dipped in MARSHMALLOW FLUFF and graham cracker. I DIE. Literally, fell off my chair and died. Luckily, I took a picture of my outfit before I fell into my sweet, boozy S’Mores death.


This dress is from Gypsy and, well, I think it speaks for itself. The cut, the color, the fit. I’m in love. Another piece I will most likely overplay all summer. 


Finally, my ongoing recap is finished! I hope you enjoyed and if you are visiting Miami anytime soon you MUST visit at least one of these restaurants, if not all!!!!!!! I promise, you will not have one disappointing bite. 🙂




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