Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats for MDW

For those of us who have been miserably waiting out this lingering winter that has far overstayed it’s welcome, Summer is finally here…almost. 


The first official day of Summer may be June 21st, but we all know it really begins Memorial Day Weekend. It’s as if the gates open to the long lost world of sandy beaches, warm breezes, neon colors, the shortest shorts, highlighted hair, melty ice cream cones, outdoor dining and outfits consisting of all white everything. My favorite way to spend MDW is to start off the mornings early with an outdoor run in a pair of shorts, followed by a long day spent relaxing at the beach and ending at someone’s house for a delicious outdoor grilled meal complete with a smorgasbord of desserts and way more pink wine than anyone should consume in one sitting. 


Not much beats a summer BBQ. Friends, family, dining outside under the stars, alcohol flowing, unstoppable laughter and great food all in the comfort of a warm, relaxing summer night.  Seriously, is there anything better?

Well, maybe these rice krispie treats. Because, red velvet. Oh, and because a close second to the combination of amazing things I just mentioned is the heavenly combination of rice krispie treats + cream cheese frosting. If you have never experienced the combination of these two things together, understand that you’ve been missing out on a vital form of bliss and make these NOW. 


I hope everyone has some sort of BBQ or get together planned for this weekend and if you do you may want to offer to bring dessert so you can include these. Rice Kripsie Treats are literally the PERFECT dessert for summer cookouts (besides S’mores…obv) because no oven heat is necessary. Who wants to open up a 350 degree oven in the dead of summer? These treats are also great for MDW because they’re festively patriotic! Take it a step further and top them with blue sprinkles or a drizzle of blue icing! I promise you, if you bring these to a BBQ, cookout or any summer party you will be the absolute hit of the night! 

You can find the recipe for these Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats here. Now, go forth and make this show stopping summer treat!!


Enjoy! xoxo



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