Get Fit Like Fido!

You know how all of these “holidays” seem to pop up on a regular basis? Like, National Margarita Day and such? Well, I’ve always been amused by this but I recently found out about one of the coolest ones, National Pet Appreciation Week. Now THERE is a national holiday I can certainly get behind! Growing up with pets my entire life I believe every week should be an appreciation week for them but the fact that there is a legitimate week dedicated to our furry lil’ friends who enrich our lives so incredibly is pretty darn rad!


In honor of National Pet Appreciation Week (which was last month, but I’m all for celebrating and appreciating our pets every day of the year!) I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at to share a fun and invigorating workout inspired by our favorite active animals! If you are a dog owner who leads a busy life (like most of us do!) you should definitely check out It’s a fantastic online community where you can interact with other dog owners and meet others in your area and find out the best options for your lil four legged buddies for things like Doggy Daycare and even pet boarding!! It is such a wonderful resource for pet owners who love to travel. When I was growing up we always had pets (three dogs at once, multiple cats, a brief stint with name it!) but we were also a family that loved to travel. Finding boarding for our pets was quite the challenge because as any pet owner knows, you never leave your animal at a strange kennel that you know nothing about! Having a resource like DogVacay is incredible because by connecting with others and networking through the site you can find the best place for your pets to stay. I wish this was available years ago!


What the awesome people at DogVacay have done is teamed up with fitness expert Julia Chan to develop this great workout program called Get Fit Like Fido. This is so cool! It utilizes movements inspired by your dog’s movements to create this heart pounding circuit workout that can be done practically anywhere! Bonus points if you complete it WITH your four-legged workout buddy!

As a trainer I know that pup-inspired movements are not a farfetched thing. One of my personal favorite warm up moves on leg day is called The Fire Hydrant. It’s a great move for the core and glutes inspired by a dog doing…well, you get the visual, right? Next time you go to work out give The Fire Hydrant a try, go for 15-20 reps on each leg. Tell me you don’t feel the burn and it is a great way to warm up the hips before a killer leg workout.

Now, let’s get to it, here is the “PAWsome” circuit workout, Get Fit Like Fido:


What I love about this workout is that it’s one you can do literally anywhere. It’s a great image to save to your phone to rely on when you’re in a workout rut. The other thing I love is that it incorporates circuit training which is one of my favorite ways to train!

I especially like doing circuits for lower body because there are so many different plyometric options to incorporate which gets my heart rate up immediately. I love incorporating things like jump squats, kettle bell swings and jumping switch lunges in between supersets. Another way I get my heart rate up is by incorporating sprints. Sometimes I’ll do a superset (two different exercises back to back for 3-4 sets), then head to the treadmill and do 4-5 30 second sprints with a 2 minute recovery light jog in between. Then, I’ll go on to my next superset. I’ll typically do 4-5 supersets with 3-4 sprint intervals in between. That way I’m able to get my weights and cardio in all at once. It’s a quick yet intense workout that never fails to leave me completely drenched in sweat!


One last thing worth mentioning about this image is the incorporation of a cool down! I see a lot of quickie workout images all over Pinterest and Instagram but I’ve never seen one that actually incorporates a cool down! The cool down is an essential part of any workout. When I teach my cycling classes I always devote my last song (a full 4-5 minutes!) to the cool down which brings the heart rate back down in a deliberate, controlled manner and eases you out of the intensity of the workout. When I’m weight training I cool down with a brief, easy paced walk on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes and some stretching/foam rolling.

I hope you (and your pup!) give this great workout a try and if you do let me know how it went!! 🙂





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