Summer Reading

For as long as I can remember reading has always been a big, albeit rarely broadcasted (in fear of sounding like a total dork), hobby of mine. Come the end of the school year I secretly always looked forward to the “Summer Reading List” sent by our soon-to-be teachers as each book gave me a new story, a new slice of fantasy, to look forward to.


As I’ve gotten older my love of reading has increased..I’d say more so each year. Nostalgically enough, summer time is my favorite time of year to snuggle up to a good read.

Actually, I not-so-secretly enjoyed several or so “free reads” on my winter breaks as well. Here’s how I see it: Summer is a time to relax therefore, I enjoy mindless “chick-lit” (although, it’s hard for me to actually call it that, seeing as most of my “chick-lit” faves are New York Times Best Sellers…is it possible to get on that prestigious list with only female readers??) novels. I like the standard BEACH reads. Sue me. When I’m relaxing at the beach, my book needs to relax me too! Then, come fall, even though I guess I’m like…a legitimate adult now, I still gravitate towards non-fictions, self-help and educational books come fall. Then, of course, over the holidays I read two or three fun reads and go back to the brain-power-expanding books for a few months until the summer free for all hits!

So, in honor of my favorite season for reading (and to provide an active “list” for those of us who still crave guided summer, que the girl-raising-one-arm emoji, please) I wanted to share a list of the books I’ve read so far this summer and a list of books I recently purchased.

If you’ve read any of the following, please share your thoughts!

Books I’ve Read Since June
1. Psychos, A White Girl Problems Book, by Babe Walker Ok, I told you I like to
turn my brain off come summer. Don’t judge, especially since I literally laughed out loud pretty much every other page with this one.

2. White Girl Problems by Babe Walker I know. I do realize I read the sequel first. It’s fine. If you’re going to read only one I actually recommend Psychos. I def enjoyed it more, it was funnier and it gave enough background that you didn’t feel completely lost if you hadn’t read this book first. This book is definitely the Twitter feed in novel form. Not that that’s the worst thing…

3. Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand AHHHHHHHOOmygosh I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me so long to join the cult following of Elin. She truly is the Queen of the Beach Novel and this first read sealed the deal for me. Like, when I finished I kind of set a goal for myself to read all her novels this summer…I think there are like 12, no big deal, right?

4. Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews I read my first Mary Kay Andrews novel (Summer Rental) last summer and I simply fell in love with her humor and writing style. The main character of this novel is actually a lifestyle blogger and I enjoyed the bit of blogging-background that it provided! Definitely a chick novel, but a great read nonetheless!

5. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Ok, honestly, EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE should read The Secret and I’ll just leave it at that. Actually, I’ll add this—I cannot believe it took me THIS LONG to finally read it. Read it. Do it, now.

6. Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand This one just assured me that Elin’s novels are where it’s AT come summer time. As a lady who recently got married, with a whole boatload of family drama attached, this was the PERFECT book for me! If you have been through a wedding that included family drama, whether you were the bride, groom, MOH, friend, bridesmaid or standby guest…this book is MUST READ. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a deep hearted romantic and I even I enjoyed the blatant cynicism in this book.

7. The Happiness Projet by Gretchen Rubin Ok, I’m cheating a bit because I actually read this book in May (at the tail end of my reading-for-education season!!). I plan on reading this book again this summer because it was that inspiring. Who couldn’t stand to be a little bit happier? As a philosophy major and happiness seeker this book was right up my alley.

Books I’ve Recently Purchased/Started:

1.Ghosts of Boyfriends Past by Carly Alexander Which one of these is not like the other???? Ok, so this book was given to me in a big gift bag on my bridal shower. I can’t leave a book unopened so I decided to give it a go this week. I started this book on Friday, as in two days ago, and I’ve got 20 pages to go. To say it’s an easy read is being generous. I know I said that I like mindless reading in the summer but, come on, I need a LITTLE depth! Not to say that this book is terrible, it’s just…well, I would have enjoyed it in middle school. Maaaaaybe even the 9th grade. Basically if you’re under 15 and reading this blog…check out this book! Maybe over winter break though since it is a Christmas based novel.

2. The One and Only by Emily Griffin I adore Emily Griffin! I’ve read all of her novels thus far and this one is her latest. I actually just bought it today and I’m so excited to crack it open as I’ve heard stellar reviews!

3. The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand Dan and I went on a book-buying-binge at Target today and this was the first book I selected. Obviously. I am in love with this novelist and this one is supposedly one of her best. I’ve heard that I may possibly cry while devouring this.

4. Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews Yes, I adore MKA. Her novels are such fun, easy, funny and entertaining reads! Again, as a Newlywed and finally over the stress and trauma of planning my own wedding, these wedding novels really appeal to me!

5. Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky I’ve never read a book by this author before but I found it in the “New In Fiction” section and the beachy vibe of the cover, title and description drew me in. Hey, this is the same way I discovered Mary Kay Andrews and Elin Hilderbrand so why not?! I’ll report back and let you know my feelings!


I think it’s worth mentioning that while on our book buying binge my husband picked up the latest from Dan Brown, his favorite author. We totally epitomize the typical boy and typical chick readers and I’m totally cool with that. I will tell you though, this man is quite the book worm and I love that about him. Aside from the Dan Brown novels, my husband reads a lot of educational and non-fictions, and a few documentary-in-book-form reads. I have a tendency to raid his “library” during the fall, winter and spring months when I’m doing my grey-matter-expanding reading. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this list and if you have any favorite books or must reads please, please, PLEASE comment below!!! I’ve been blowing through books this summer and recommendations are ALWAYS welcome!



3 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Lindsay,
    I loved the book Summerland, I love all her books.

    I’ve also enjoyed reading The Beach House, Beach House Memories and Swimming lessons by Mary Alice Monroe. Fire Fly Lane by Kristin Hannah is a good book too.

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