The Pie of My Dreams




Are you guys anything like me? Do hear “pie” and think…THANKSGIVING! PUMPKIN! OMG! and then realize, wait, it’s summer. Pie what

And then remember, ooohhh…4th of July and fresh berries…and… PIE! Summer pie. Oops, that’s right, it’s totally a thing. 

It’s just, when I think summer, I think light desserts. You know, whipped cream & berries, grilled pineapple, sorbet, etc. 

But really, when have those things ever really counted as “dessert”? Aren’t those the things we eat as, like, a dessert-appetizer before the pie? Oh. Just me?


So then, how about we just take that sweet summer fruit and stuff it INTO a pie. 

That’s more like it. 

My favorite summer fruit? Anything under the umbrella of “stone fruit”, which is a fancy way of saying something with a pit. Nectarines, plums, cherries (Rainier, please), peaches. Naturally, when I saw this recipe for “the BEST peach pie EVER”, I was intrigued. 

If your definition of “intrigued” means “OMG MAKE AND EAT THIS RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT, ASAP, OMG”. 

Yup. Peach pie on deck. Luckily, I happened to have a homemade pie crust on hand, in my freezer, left over from Christmas. I know, they say it only saves for “six months”. Close enough, right? All I know is, no freezer burn = good to go. 


Oh, and PS….from experience, that “six month” rule = bs. 

Sidenote: if anyone asks you why your pinched crust is all crazy looking, simply respond with, “bitch, this shit is rustic“. Works every time.

Imperfect = homemade = the shit.
End of discussion.

Moving along.


MAKE YOUR PIE GUTS PRETTY. Seriously. ‘Cuz, after it bakes, those guts will be on full display, so give a lil’ TLC at this step, ok?


Even before it bakes, it’s captivating. 


Be prepared to open your oven, pull out this and OOOHH and AAHHHH for DAAYSSS.


Cuz it will actually take a day to settle before you can even cut into this baby.

I know. 

I’m sorry.

HOWEVER, I PROMISE it’s SOOO worth the wait. And really, when have I let you down?

Don’t answer, just trust.


NOW, go forth and make PIE!!!!!!!!!!

From what has proven to be THE BEST PEACH PIE RECIPE EVER. Legit. 



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