Weekend Reflections

This weekend, the second in August, was exactly what a summer weekend should be. Relaxing, enriched with sun, day drinking white wine, shopping, froyo, flea market strolling, food trucks on the Hudson and an embarrassing amount of lounging around. Isn’t it funny how doing nothing can make you feel so exhausted?? It’s that August sun! Sometimes it just sucks the life out of you! 

Oh, and I guess all this lazing around has sparked the more active side of me….on a whim, I registered for my first full marathon!! I have 8 months to program my routine, hit the pavement and rack up my mileage until I meet the big 26.2!!! I am in my 26th year of life…so the timing simply couldn’t be more perfect, right? 😉


Kicking off the weekend with a ride at BFX Studio in NYC.




Friday afternoon shopping leads to new obsessions.



The necessities for an ideal Saturday in August: crisp sauvignon blanc + deeply tanned skin + a good read + blaring sun [ & unpictured spf, of course ].



Sand & surf inspired manicure.



Ok, I was addicted at first sip.



Sunday morning selfles…off to grab a little more sun.



Froyo…a simple weekend necessity [ original tart + melba sauce + crushed reeses cups..thinks PB&J!! SO GOOD! ]



Sunday afternoon shopping…he wins the best husband ever award for this baby!!



& she found the perfect home…right next to the cookie jar, naturally. 



She also had to be christened…



I saw this on Instagram and I’m pretty sure it was made for me. Does anyone know where this is from??



And, finally….


What have I gotten myself into?


Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections

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