Summer Favorites

For a while I was coming up with a favorites post every week. Until I realized, I’m too much a creature of habit to have new favorites on a weekly basis. In reality, it’s more like a seasonal basis that new products, foods and etc. come into play.

So, I stopped the weekly posts for two reasons: 

1. Writing about the same shit once a week will bore us all to tears.

2. Trying to come up with new and exciting things I absolutely-omg-LOVED every week was exhausting. 

SO! Seasonal favorites it is! Here is a big ol’ pile of crap that I have been utterly obsessed with for the past few months:



I love all these products so much that that picture literally makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Before getting into detail on the product, let’s quickly discuss that minty green makeshift “vase” back there. It’s a large sized mason jar that I painted with a matte mint green Martha Stewart paint from Michael’s (I actually mixed two shades-Peapod & Ocean Breeze to create that exact color). After that dried I finished it with one coat of satin shellac from a hardware store. I stuffed in some coral and white fake flowers, also from Michael’s, because I adore the contrast of mint & coral like nothing else. It’s a great, cheap, easy DIY for anyone and would be especially cute in a dorm room! 

Moving along, let’s get into things that have made me extra happy this summer.


We’re starting off with basic skin stuff. First, The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla scent that I picked up from Sephora back in June. I saw this at Sephora a while ago and while I was intrigued I was definitely hesitant to purchase because I wasn’t sure how an all-natural deodorant would stand  up to the amount of physical activity an sweat that my daily life demands. Then I saw some rave reviews about this product on Jaclyn Hill’s channel and figured I’d give it a shot. 


This product literally blew me away. Not only does it stand up to the most intense spin class, but it blocks sweat just as good as my super powerful, chemical-laden drug store deodorants! This may be TMI, but I’m that girl who’s underarms sweat buckets for NO REASON. Like, not even five minutes after throwing on a long sleeve top I will have that disgusting dark sweat circle from my side boob area down to my elbow. For real. I’m pretty sure this is hormonal as the amount of sweat I produce fluctuates throughout the course of my cycle. This deodorant, though, has kept me dry even the week before and the week of my period which is when my underarms seem to sweat the most uncontrollably. Also, the scent is incredible! I am in love with it and feel good when I use it knowing that I’m not depositing harmful substances into my skin and body. 

Next are these grapefruit scented cleansing wipes from Neutrogena. I teach multiple classes a day, work out and walk around the filthy-aired, polluted city of Manhattan on a daily basis. When I first started working in the city full time my skin went crazy. I’m talking breakouts like you wouldn’t believe. I knew it had to be the environment because unless it’s the week before my period, my skin does not break out. I picked these up as the alternative to washing my face 100000x a day. Of course, I do wash my face 1-2x more than I ever did now that I’m in the city but these are great for in between. I keep them in my work bag and wipe my face down after I teach, after a long walk that I feel a little grimy after or just when I need a refreshing pick me up.

Something to note with these wipes: I have incredibly oily skin, especially in the summer. These wipes are great for my skin type but my face does feel “tight” and slightly dry (although only for a few minutes) after using them. I would say they’re on the harsh side and would not recommend them to those of you with dry or sensitive skin. Definitely for my fellow oily chicks only. 

Tiger Balm Muscle Rub: This has been my SALVATION! I haven’t really used muscle rubs since I ran track in high school and I’m glad I found them again. I’m not crazy about IcyHot, it’s never actually soothed my muscle ache. This stuff tingles but once it soaks in my soreness completely dissipates. I can’t live without it, although I smell like a walking, breathing tube of toothpaste….but it’s worth it. 


More skin things! I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been somewhat OCD obsessive about my skin. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I’ve noticed the effects that the impurities of city air has had on me? Ugh, doesn’t that make me sound like such a spoiled little suburban twit? “OMG MY PRECIOUS SKIN CAN’T TAKE THIS ICKY CITY AIR!!!!!”. I’m that person. It’s fine. 

Let’s start with this purifying clay mask on the right. I picked this up for, like $3 at CVS. For a cheap product, I was beyond surprised. This does a great job at cleaning out my pores and pulling out impurities. Have you ever noticed, after using a mask or getting a facial, your pores “open up”? Not in a bad way where they look bigger, but, they literally look like they can breathe. That’s how I feel after I use this product. I can literally see my blackheads release. Once a week I’ll use this mask and follow it with an exfoliating scrub to remove all that gunk that had risen to the surface of my skin. As I said, I’m oily, so blackheads around my nose and chin are my biggest issue and this product battles them like a CHAMP. It’s wonderful.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: If you know me, you know I’m the ultimate Kiehl’s junkie. They can do NO wrong. I rotate through several of their eye treatments and in the summer I adore this one. It’s incredibly moisturizing, but perfect for summer because it’s not too thick or greasy. I can use it during the week the week when I don’t wear any face makeup or powder and it doesn’t leave me looking crazy shiny like almost every other moisturizer in the world does. I don’t just use it on my eye area, I also rub it into my forehead. That’s a little trick I’ve been doing for years. I always put eye cream on both my forehead and neck. Eye cream is specially made for delicate skin and is incredibly moisturizing and great for wrinkle prevention and anti aging.

Khiel’s Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter: This cream is crazy thick!! For a dry skinned person, it’s ideal! This cream is great in the winter but I especially love it in the summer. I don’t use it every day because it can feel greasy, especially if I’m out or working. However, this stuff is THE BEST product I’ve ever used post-beach!! After a day in the sun my skin DRINKS this stuff up!! If my skin is slightly burnt or dry this cream brings it back to life instantly. It also maintains my tan WAY better than any product I’ve tried that’s marketed to do just that. It’s a must have for any sun worshipper. 


On to hair and body! This leave-in treatment from Kiehl’s is fairly new. OH MY GOSH. How did I ever live without this?! When I’m blonde my hair needs all the extra TLC it can get. I’ve been really good with my hair lately. I’ve been using the right products, obsessively putting oils on my ends, using leave ins, minimizing my use of heating tools and getting trims regularly. I got my most recent trim last week and my stylist told me my hair was looking MUCH better, healthier and even…THICKER!!!! I’ve always been very self concious of my thin hair so for her to grab my hair and tell me there was “so much of it” basically made my life. I’ve never been less than honest on this blog so I will tell you that I know a huge part of that improvement is due to the fact that I’m back at a healthy weight. When my weight and body fat was too low I didn’t get my period, my hormones were out of whack and my hair fell out in chunks on a daily basis. The one thing she recommended was that I use some moisturizing oils and leave in products after the shower, especially on my ends to keep the damage from my color to a minimum. 

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: Anyone who knows me knows that vanilla is my signature scent. Back in June I was craving a new perfume, something a little deeper and sexier than what I normally wear. This perfume delivered. It’s incredibly rich and the tobacco lends a unique, somewhat masculine scent that compliments the vanilla with a rich, almost spicy note. It’s incredibly sexy.


Fun things! I am the epitome of a candle hoarder and this candle from Bath & Body Works is the ULTIMATE summer candle!!! If you closed your eyes and took a whiff, it would transport you right to your last trip to the beach when you were sitting in front of the crashing waves, inhaling the scent of the ocean while simultaneously rubbing in Coppertone sunscreen. It makes my apartment smell like a day at the beach. I have been especially loving it during the rainy days!

Essie nail polish in Tart Deco: Few things compliment a tan better than a coral manicure or pedicure. This color is the ideal coral! So beautiful and so classic!

Pavan Liquor: Clearly we can see that this bottle is nearly half way gone. IT’S SO DELICIOUS! I have had it straight, mixed in champagne, added to white sangria, added to a margarita and with vodka and club soda. At first I couldn’t recognize just what the flavor was, but then it hit me……this tastes EXACTLY like SWEET TARTS!! Oh my gosh, it’s just incredible. It’s tart and refreshing and not at all syrupy or overwhelmingly sweet like most liquors are, which is why I can have it straight. Also, that bottle. The liquid is a golden hue so when it’s full (which won’t last long, trust) its a gorgeous golden turquoise ombre. So pretty!


Sorry for the length of this post, but I hope you enjoyed these reviews! Please share any current favorite things you’ve been loving this summer! I can always use an extra excuse to shop 😉




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