Weekend Reflections

Is it possible for a weekend to be simultaneously relaxing and laid back, yet productive? This weekend was definitely packed with a quality amount of late summer relaxation but also included my kick off training run in preparation for my marathon this spring. My husband and I have fallen madly in love with Boston Terriers after an absurd amount of puppy research. Due to the fact that we live in an apartment and both work it’s been quite a process trying to find the right breed for us. Bostons seem to be ideal, plus they’re insanely adorable. This afternoon we went to play with some puppies just to get a sense of their personality in person. Ugh, I had to hold back my tears. I wanted to take all three of them home! There is just something about those eyes, they’re so big and it’s as if they’re literally staring right into your heart and soul. Some women get baby fever…I have the worst case of doggy fever


Manhattan Love Story, a new show coming to ABC this fall filmed their pilot episode at my studio. The real score here was having access to the Craft services tent.get-attachment.aspx



Finishing another captivating Elin Hilderbrand novel while rehydrating and giving my legs some rest post-run.get-attachment.aspx



Snacks & draankss.




Cookies & cream gelato pressed between two soft chocolate chip cookies = epic ice cream sandwich.




Perfectly unnatural, fluorescent soda from the 150 flavor combination machine at Elevation Burger. This is strawberry Fanta + Peach Sprite + Fruit Punch Powerade. This totally satisfies my childhood quest of mixing EVERY single flavor at the soda fountain. 




While the soda definitely stole the show for me, the food wasn’t bad either…




Putting Poppy (yes, I named her. Yes, “her” meaning my mixer.) to work, testing out a new muffin recipe.




Margs in the sun. 





Walking out to the most beautiful day after an early afternoon showing of The Giver (could never be as good as the book, but this was surprisingly close!).




Sweet little kittens that look like cheetahs.




And the sweetest little Bostons that stole my heart in an instant.



Of course, there was also Froyo. What is a summer weekend without it? However, it went undocumented because at $17.00 for my single cup….well, I’m embarrassing. 




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